How to Read InstaReports
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Note: Access to the InstaReports app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding Your InstaReports

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘InstaReports’.

2. Navigating the Report:

In the 'My InstaReports' tab, hover over a report to reveal the gear icon and select 'Preview'. Your report includes a quick navigation menu located in the left-hand column. Each row links to a section within the report, providing an overview of your scores for various marketing services.

3. Understanding Your Business Details:

The top section of your report compiles the recipient's business details in one place, including the name, address, country, phone number, website link, and business category. These details are populated based on the information you provided when generating the report. Business photos may also be included for further personalization, generally sourced from an active Google Business listing.

4. Interpreting the Overall Score:

Your Overall Score is a percentage that aggregates the scores from each section of the report. The scores are divided into letter grades, each representing a percentile for that category. The average of all categories yields your Overall Score. The grading and percentile placement are as follows:

  • A - 90% - 100%

  • B - 75% - 89%

  • C - 50% - 74%

  • D - 30% - 49%

  • F - 29% and Lower

Note: Each section includes a link in the top right corner titled 'How we calculated this grade?' to explain the scoring method.

5. Learning From Section Videos:

Each category of the report contains a video that briefly explains the purpose of the section and how the score is calculated.

6. Engaging With the 'Get Started' Button:

A 'Get Started' button at the top of the report enables the recipient to swiftly send their name, email, and a message to you regarding the report.

InstaReports Sections

1. Listings

The Listings section pulls information about your business from various online directories. The quantity of analyzed listings depends on your business's geographical location. In the Directory Listings Overview, we assess your listing's accuracy.

The Listings Accuracy score is calculated by averaging your scores within the Listings Accuracy Overview on the far right.

The Listings Found Overview details what we found for your business across all available directories.

Available Listings represents the total number of listings in your area, while Found Listings indicates the ones you are currently utilizing. Not Found Listings highlights the ones you're not using.

Listings with Errors refers to the number of active listings that contain mistakes.

Listings Accuracy Overview measures the accuracy of your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number across directories. A 100% score signifies a perfect match across all active directory listings, while anything less than 100% suggests inaccuracies in certain listings.

At the end, you will see a list of all the directory listings we discovered for your business.

Each listing summary includes the business name, address, phone number, and operation hours. A checkmark or an exclamation point indicates whether the information is accurate or needs correction.

Clicking the icon in the top-right corner of a listing box opens the actual listing in another tab, enabling you to analyze it.

Listings not found or not utilized will display a "Listing Not Found" message. To improve your Listings score and performance, add your business to all available listings and ensure accurate information across all.

Further listing previews can be accessed by clicking the View More button.

2. Reviews

This section draws reviews for the business from Yelp, Google, and Facebook. It is broken down into several sections depending on available data:

  • Total Online Reviews Found

  • Google Reviews Found

  • Yelp Reviews Found

  • Facebook Reviews Found

The Totals section analyzes your performance across four categories: Reviews Found, Reviews Found (Last 6 Months), Review Score, and Sources for Reviews.

Google/Yelp/Facebook Reviews Found sections function similar to the Total Online Reviews Found.

Your Reviews performance grade is calculated by evaluating all this information and placing you in a percentile.

3. Social

This section examines your engagement level on social media platforms, showing statistics for Likes, Average Posts per Month, Average Likes per Post, and Average Shares per Post. Your social score is calculated by averaging all four metrics and comparing it with the industry average.

4. Website

This section provides a performance score for both the desktop and mobile versions of your business website, covering a page speed summary, listed errors, and potential fixes. Your Website score is sourced directly from Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI).

5. SEO

In this section, we compare your business against competitors in terms of SEO performance, focusing on Organic Competitor Analysis, Organic Keyword Ranking, and Backlinks.

The SEO score is calculated by contrasting your performance with that of your nearest competitors.

6. Google Ads

This section reviews the performance of your Google Ads campaigns by providing a general performance overview followed by a competitor analysis. It includes information about Keywords, Traffic, Traffic Cost, and how your performance matches up with top competitors.

Your Google Ads score is calculated by dividing your total ad traffic by the total traffic cost, compared to your competitors' performance.

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