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Set up a Custom Domain for Your Agency Site or InstaSite with Bluehost
Set up a Custom Domain for Your Agency Site or InstaSite with Bluehost
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Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up DNS Records for Your Site with Bluehost

1. Access Bluehost Account:

Log in to your Bluehost hosting account.

2. Navigate to the Domains Tab:

From the side navigation menu, click on the 'Domains' tab, and then on the 'Zone Editor' option.

3. Select Your Domain:

Use the dropdown box to select your preferred domain.

4. Access 'Add DNS Record':

Scroll down until you reach the heading 'Add DNS Record'.

5. Configure 'Host Record':

Enter 'www' in the 'Host Record' field.

6. Configure 'Type':

In the 'Type' section, select 'CNAME'.

7. Enter 'Points To':

In the 'Points To' field, enter ''.

8. Add the Record:

Click 'Add Record'.

9. Manage the Domain:

Next to the domain, use the dropdown titled 'Manage' and select 'DNS'.

10. Delete Existing 'A Records':

Find and delete any existing 'A Records'. This can be accomplished by clicking on the ellipses and selecting 'Remove'.

11. Add New 'A Record':

Scroll down to 'A Records' and click 'Add Record'. Then, fill in the details as follows:

  • Host Record: @

  • Points to:

Afterwards, click 'Save'.

12. Add a Second 'A Record':

Repeat step 11, but with the following details:

  • Host Record: @

  • Points to:

Then, click 'Save'.

Note: Your custom domain will now direct to your website. Although this might occur swiftly, it can take up to 48 hours for your registrar to propagate these new DNS settings. Please allow for this full period before attempting to modify your settings again.

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