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Set up a Custom Domain for Your Agency Site or InstaSite
Set up a Custom Domain for Your Agency Site or InstaSite
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Note: This information applies to any site purchased through the DashClicks platform.

Step-By-Step Guide to Taking Your Site Live

1. Access Site Settings:

Depending on where you purchased the site, this can be found in different places. If you are on the free plan of DashClicks, you can find the site editor in the 'My Orders' tab within the fulfillment center. If this is for your agency website, you can navigate to the 'Sites' app and click the edit button. For InstaSites, navigate to the 'InstaSites app' and navigate to the 'My InstaSites' tab and edit the appropriate site (you can also find those InstaSites in the Projects app).

2. Set Up a Domain:

Paid sites are published by default. Within the site editor, select 'SEO & SETTINGS' in the left column. Then, select 'SITE DOMAIN'. Press on the 'Change Site URL' button. Click on the button next to the 'Use a domain you already own' option and input your URL. Make sure to add 'www' to the URL.

3. Configure Domain in your Domain Host:

After setting up your domain in the Website Builder, you'll need to modify your DNS settings via your domain host. To do this, you should have admin access to the domain you intend to use. Within your domain host, create two A records and a CNAME record.

Note: Certain domain hosts might not allow you to set up multiple records for the '@' domain. If this applies to your domain host, add one record for the '@' domain and include both IP addresses.

Use the following information for the CNAME record and A records:


    • Host: www

    • Points to:

  • A Records

    • First A Record:

      • Host/Alias: @

      • Target/Destination:

    • Second A Record:

      • Host/Alias: @

      • Target/Destination:

Note: Two A Records are utilized for server balance and redundancy.

4. Domain Hosting Providers:

You can use our help center articles below to find specific instructions for specific domain hosts:

Note: If your domain host is not on the list, you can check their dedicated help documents or speak with their support staff for additional help.

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