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Listings Manager Analytics
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Note: Access to the Listings Manager Analytics feature is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers. Listings currently only work with businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Step-By-Step Guide to Adding Listings Manager Analytics

1. Access Fulfillment Center:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select 'Analytics’.

2. Purchase Listings Manager:

From the list of services, locate and select 'Listings Manager'. Follow the prompted steps to complete your purchase.

3. Verify Analytics Update:

Post-purchase, your Analytics application will auto-update, introducing a new tab labeled 'Listings Manager'. This tab can be accessed at the top of the page.

4. Complete Business Profile:

In order to populate your listings, you need to provide comprehensive business information. It is vital that you add a real, verified physical address (that is not a P.O. Box or virtual mailbox) and a category for your listings, otherwise, your listings will not populate. Navigate to the 'Profile' section and ensure all details are accurately filled out.

Note: Your Listings Manager will initially pull your business name and address from the existing business information within your account. You can update this information by going to Settings > Business Profile > Filling out the information.

Understanding Your Listings Manager Analytics Metrics

After successful integration of Listings Manager, your Analytics application will display a tab labeled 'Listings Manager'. Let's understand what these metrics mean for your analysis.

1. Google's View on Search and Maps

Each metric has a specific color which illustrates the progress over time in the graph above. The X-axis corresponds to the date, whereas the Y-axis represents the count for each metric.

You can also hover over a specific line on the graph to see the exact count for that metric on that specific date.

2. Google Phone Calls by Hour

The second segment depicts the number of phone calls received from Google searches per hour. If no calls are received within a given hour, they will not be represented on this bar graph.

The X-axis corresponds to the time of day, while the Y-axis represents the total count for the hour. You can also hover over the bar to view the number of calls.

3. Listing Status

This segment provides a comprehensive report on the current situation of your various directory listings.

  • All Listings - represents the total directory listings you are striving to make live.

  • Live Listings - corresponds to the presently active directory listings.

  • Processing - represents those listings that are in the process of going live and awaiting service processing.

  • Unavailable - reflects those listings which are not currently accessible to you due to reasons like your business location, software issues, problems with the directory listing provider, and so on. You may need to directly contact the directory to fix the issue.

  • Opted Out - indicative of any listings that you have chosen not to use for any particular reason.

Underneath this section, each of your listings will be arranged alphabetically and will contain the name of the listing provider, the business name, the business address, the listing status, and the option to view the listing.

The Listing Status will correspond to the rings displayed at the top of this segment. For instance, if your listing is live, the listing will feature the word 'Live' in a green box. Likewise, a 'Processing' listing will exhibit an orange box at the bottom until it either goes live or becomes unavailable.

Clicking 'View' will direct you to the listing on the actual website.

You can use the calendar widget above to alter the tracked period. Click on the widget next to the toggle to select the period you wish to review for your Listings Manager analytics.

Updating the Business Profile

At any point, you may need to revise your business profile across your directory listings. Manually updating each listing is a demanding task that many prefer to avoid.

Fortunately, you can update all your listings at once simply by selecting 'Profile' at the top right of the page.

Every field on this page can be edited by clicking the pencil icon located on the far right.

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