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How to Delete a Deal Automation
How to Delete a Deal Automation
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Note: Access to the Deals app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Deleting a Deal Automation Step

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘Deals’.

2. Navigate to the Deal Automations:

Make sure you're on the 'My Deals' tab. Then, click the 'Deal Automations' button located in the top right corner.

3. Identify the Automation Step to Delete:

From your list of automation steps, locate the one you wish to delete. Click on the ellipses icon in the top-right corner of the automation step, then select 'Delete'.

4. Confirm Deletion:

A screen will appear verifying that you want to delete this automation step. Confirm the deletion by clicking 'Delete' again.

Note: Once deleted, the automation step will no longer occur within that stage of your pipeline. The deletion process is irreversible, meaning if you want to add the step again later, you will need to recreate it.

Managing Automation

If you think you might want to use this automation step later, consider disabling it instead of deleting. Use the 'On/Off' toggle switch at the bottom of the automation step to disable it without removing it from the list. This allows you to easily enable it again when needed.

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