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Note: Access to the Deals app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using the Deals Application

The Deals application helps you manage your sales pipelines effectively. It provides an organized system to track your deals, view their status, and streamline your sales processes.

1. Access Deals Application:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘Deals’.

2. Understanding 'My Deals':

The 'My Deals' section, displayed by default, shows your active deals along with their respective sales pipeline stages. Each stage is represented by a solid color line. You can switch between Table, Board, and List views by clicking on the respective toggle at the top of the page. A search field is provided to help you quickly locate specific deals.

3. Export Deal Information:

For data backup or review, you can export all your 'Deals' data into a CSV file. The 'Export' button is located next to the layout toggle.

4. Create a New Deal:

The '+ New Deal' button lets you add a new deal to your sales pipeline.

5. Manage Sales Pipelines:

A button on the right houses your list of sales pipelines. Clicking on it displays all your pipelines with an option to add a new one or edit an existing one. The active pipeline is indicated by a blue checkmark.

6. Deal Automation:

The 'Deal Automations' button introduces automation into your sales process. It enables you to automate tasks such as sending follow-up emails or text reminders, creating InstaSites, and InstaReports.

7. Reporting:

The 'Reporting' tab provides a performance analysis of your sales team. It tracks deals won, deals lost, and total deals. It provides insights into the team’s performance over specific periods and allows for a detailed view of individual pipelines or team members.

8. Automation Logs:

The 'Automation Logs' tab helps monitor all deal automations, their scheduled time, and their current status. Filters on the left allow for easy tracking of specific automation.

Customizing the View of Your Deals App

One last feature of this application remains unexplored. Navigate back to the My Deals section, and you'll see a column to the left named Smart Lists.

Creating and Personalizing Smart Lists

By default, the All Deals and My Deals filters are permanent and unremovable. The former displays all ongoing deals, while the latter shows the ones specifically assigned to you.

To devise a new Smart List, click the + icon located on the column's right side. You'll notice the term 'New filter' at your list's bottom. Similarly, the option '+ Add filter' appears above your pipeline. Click on it to begin personalizing your filter.

A selection menu appears, prompting you to choose a value that characterizes the deal. Select a filter criterion, and a secondary menu pops up asking you to specify the value:

  • Is - The value must exactly match

  • Is not - The value should not match

  • Starts with - The value should begin with the same character

  • Ends with - The value should end with the same character

  • Contains - The value should include the entered characters in the same sequence

  • Does not contain - The value shouldn't include the entered characters in the specified order

  • Unknown - The value is unknown; applies to entries without this value

  • Has any value - The deal must contain some value; excludes entries without a value

For instance, if we want to filter deals by name, we choose Deal name and then select is. After entering the specific deal name, this Smart List gets updated automatically, showing only relevant deals. If this simple filter meets your needs, click Save on the right. However, you can always Clear all and start over.

You can further refine this filter in two ways. One is by selecting the + icon beside your Smart List. This extends the grey box, adding the word and between two filters. In this case, the value must meet both conditions.

Alternatively, you can select and/or by clicking on the and button. Switching to or implies that the value must meet either condition, not both.

The second approach is by selecting + Add filter on the right, creating a new, independent filter. For instance, our first filter is an exact deal name, and we add another value for deals currently in the qualified stage. This broadens the filtered list, and you can switch between and/or options.

Once content with your filter, click Save. A small menu pops up, asking you to name your filter. You can also decide if you want to keep it private or share it with your team. Click Save again.

The new filter appears on the list with a number denoting the quantity of deals within that category.

Note that your Total Amount adjusts as per your selected Smart List, helping you monitor your segmented deal totals.

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