The Templates tab within the Forms application allows you to quickly create and use forms on your website and landing pages. Our developers pre-built a variety of form templates for use in a variety of applications.

Follow this document to learn step-by-step how you can take advantage of these form templates.

Creating a Form from a Template

  1. Within the Forms application, click on the Templates tab at the top of the page.

  2. Select a template from the list. You can browse quickly by selecting one of the categories from the left. You can also preview a template before selecting it by clicking the Preview button.

  3. When you decide on a template you like, hover it and click Create Forms to begin.

  4. You will now head to the Form Builder page with your new form fields already in place. You have the freedom to modify this form or any of the fields to your liking. If this is your first time using the form builder, you should review how to use the builder and its various elements using the links below:

    Creating a Classic Form
    Creating a Group Form
    Creating a Card Form

  5. When you’re satisfied with the look of this form template, click Publish in the top right corner of the page.

Publishing and Sharing Your Form

You have three methods for sharing your form. Link to Share provides a direct link to the form, which you can send through messaging or post directly onto a web page.

Embed provides the HTML code you need to post in the text editor of your web page. This will integrate an instance of the form, allowing it to appear as designed for users to interact with on the website.

Embedding with the raw code generally allows it to load faster, while also allowing web developers to edit the HTML directly from the website. The downside is that you must re-embed your form every time you make changes to it within the Forms app.

iFrame embedding integrates a “live” version of your form. This means that any changes you make to your form in the Forms app should automatically be reflected on the website. Your form may load slightly slower as it must go through an additional step to load. Web developers will also not be able to edit your form within the website HTML.

Choose the option that’s best for you and click on the blue Copy button at the bottom.

Your new form will now appear in the table under the My Forms tab.

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