The Templates app now holds over one hundred pre-written email and SMS templates for you to use for your messages.

These templates help business owners with sending everything from prospecting messages to existing customer surveys. These templates already have key personalization and fallback options in place, so that you can freely send these messages to any contact without issue.

To use the Templates library:

  1. Navigate to the Templates app. Once you're there, select the Templates tab.

  2. Browse the available templates on screen. You can filter templates on the left by Type or by Category. You can also type keywords into the search bar in the top-right corner. Any matching results will pop up instantly.

  3. Once you select a template, you can hover over to click Create or Preview. The latter shows you what the message will look like to a user reading it on their mobile device.

    If you wish to use the template or modify it, click Create.

  4. A new menu will appear titled "Create Email Template" or "Create SMS Template" depending on the type you selected.

    You are now free to modify any field available.

    Important Note - Certain templates make use of placeholders that are not attached to any Personalization options. Take a look at this email template for a lead magnet below:

    The Person-FirstName personalization field is active. However, there are multiple placeholder fields for Name of Lead Magnet and Benefit of Lead Magnet. Because these details are highly unique, you will need to define them before using the template.

    If you have any questions regarding the personalization feature, be sure to review our help document here.

  5. After you modify the template to your liking, you can use your existing account credits to test it. Find the "Test Your Email" or "Test Your SMS" fields at the bottom and enter the required details. Then, click Send Test.

  6. When you're satisfied with your template, be sure to click Save in the top-right corner. You can now use this template throughout other platform applications including Contacts, Deals, Inbound, and more.

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