Sending Form Invitations
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Note: Access to the Forms app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating and Sending Form Invitations

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘Forms’.

2. Locate the Desired Form:

Once you're in the 'Forms' application, navigate to the 'My Forms' tab. Locate the form you wish to invite users to fill out, hover over it and click on the gear icon that appears. Then, click 'Send Invitation'.

3. Select Notification Type:

A prompt will appear asking you to select the type of notification you wish to use. Choose between 'Email', 'SMS', or both. Once you've selected, click 'Continue' at the top right of the page.

4. Choose the Recipients:

Select to send an email, SMS, or both. Click 'Continue'. Then, a table containing all your contacts from the 'Contacts' app will appear. Choose the contact(s) you want to invite by checking the box next to their names. After you've made your selection, click 'Continue' at the top right of the page.

5. Review Your Actions:

A summary of your actions will be displayed. This includes the number of email and SMS credits you are using from your available balances, as well as a list of the contacts that will receive notifications. If everything is correct, click 'Continue' at the top right corner. If there are mistakes, click the 'Back Arrow' to correct them.

Monitoring Your Invitations

You can monitor the status of your pending requests for your form. Here's how you do it:

1. Locate Your Form:

Go to the 'My Forms' tab and find your form. Click on the form name.

2. Access 'Pending Requests':

At the top right corner of the page, you'll see three tabs. Click on the 'Pending Requests' tab.

3. Review Pending Invitations:

A table containing the names and contact information of all pending invitations will appear. If you wish to resend an invitation, hover over the contact's name and click the icon that appears.

4. Resend Invitations:

A prompt will appear asking you to enter or edit the email or phone number associated with the contact. If everything is correct, click 'Resend' on the option you'd like to use.

Note: Users who successfully fill out your form will be moved to the table under 'Request Submissions' as well as 'All Submissions'.

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