In addition to the various elements and style options, the form builder includes additional options for categorizing and tracking your form submissions. This document will go over each feature under the Options tab for you to use when building your form.

You can follow these help documents simultaneously to build a new form:

Form Options

Form Name

This contains the name you gave your form at the start of the creation process. You can edit the name of your form here at any time.


The category field is a way for you to keep your forms organized. You can create a new category by clicking the + icon on the right. You can then select categories using the dropdown below.


Tags are another method to help keep your forms in order. Create new tags by clicking on the + icon on the right. You can then select a tag using the dropdown menu.

On Submit

This determines what happens after a user clicks the Submit button on your form. You can use the dropdown to select one of two actions: Message or Redirect URL.

‘Message’ will simply display a message (i.e. “Thank you for your response!”). The latter will redirect the user to a new website link that you can place in the box below.

Facebook Pixel Tracking

The bottom three options concern using your Facebook Pixel with your form. This will only concern you if you are utilizing your form in conjunction with a Facebook Ads campaign.

The Facebook Pixel is a useful tool that allows you to collect data and track conversions from users who click on your ads. If you use an ad to bring someone to your form, you can use your pixel to trigger certain events in your tracking analytics.

Enter the ID of your Facebook Pixel in the field provided. Then, you can customize what option you would like to trigger both ‘On Page View’ and ‘On Submit.’

A basic example would be setting your ‘On Page View’ to ‘PageView’ and your ‘On Submit’ field to ‘Lead.’ This would show you how many people visited your form versus how many people completed and submitted it.

That covers all of the additional options you can find under the Options tab. Happy building!

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