We are proud to now offer case studies for each of our fulfillment services available in our store.

To access our case studies:

  1. Open up the app drawer in the top-right corner of the page. Click on Fulfillment Store at the very bottom of this column.

  2. Select the service that you wish to review. For this example, we will look for Google Ads case studies.

  3. On the store page, look to the right side and scroll down until you find the section titled Case Studies. There you will find a list of PDF files that contain our available studies. The title of each PDF reflects the business and industry type featured in the document.

  4. Click on any PDF file you wish to review. Doing so will load the case study directly into your browser. However, you can also download the file directly by clicking on the download button in the top-right corner.


We have case studies available for each of our services. You can select a different fulfillment service and access the new case studies using these same instructions.

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