Onboarding documents for purchased fulfillment services are fully automated.

Whenever you purchase a fulfillment service for a client, our system will automatically send a white-labeled email to the client's address that you have on file. There, they can follow the instructions to access the online onboarding form.

Alternatively, you may send the onboarding documents to yourself for completion. You can choose this at the time of checkout.

When adding the service to your cart, you will be asked to select a client. After selecting the client, you will need to choose a recipient for the onboarding. Select one of the following options:

  • Send the onboarding to my client

  • Send the onboarding to me

After the receiving party submits the onboarding form, you can find it within your Projects application. Simply select the client from the column on the left.


Then, go to the Forms tab to find the onboarding documents.


Note that you can switch between Submissions and Pending Requests in the top right corner.

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