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Where Can I Find My Onboarding Documents?
Where Can I Find My Onboarding Documents?
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Step-By-Step Guide to Using Automated Onboarding Documents

1. Purchase a Fulfillment Service:

Once you purchase a fulfillment service for a client, our system will automatically generate and send white-labeled onboarding documents via email to the client's registered address.

2. Access Onboarding Form:

The client can follow the instructions in the email to access the online onboarding form. Alternatively, you can choose to receive the onboarding documents yourself for completion. You can specify this preference at the time of checkout.

3. Select Client and Recipient:

While adding the service to your cart, you'll be prompted to select a client. After doing so, you will need to designate a recipient for the onboarding. Choose from the following options:

  • 'Send the onboarding to my client'

  • 'Send the onboarding to me'

4. Access Completed Onboarding Form:

After the selected recipient receives the onboarding form, you can find it within your Projects application. Simply select the client's name from the column on the left, then navigate to the 'Forms' tab to locate the onboarding documents.

Note: You can toggle between 'Submissions' and 'Pending Requests' in the top right corner and the onboarding documents will appear in one of the tabs depending on their statuses.

The Projects application is only available users subscribed to DashClicks Pro so as an alternative solution, onboarding documents can also be accessed in the 'My Orders' tab in the fulfillment center. This is available to both Free users and DashClicks Pro subscribers.

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