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How to Make a Purchase
How to Make a Purchase
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Step-By-Step Guide to Making a Purchase in the Fulfillment Center

1. Access Fulfillment Center:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and click ‘Fulfillment Center’.

2. Select a Subscription:

In the left-side column, you will see a list of our subscriptions. These are all monthly subscription services.

3. Choose a Plan:

Click on a subscription that you wish to purchase. All the available plans for that service will appear on the right. To learn more about each plan, click 'Learn More'. Here you'll find case studies, customer reviews, and side-by-side comparisons.

4. Buy Your Selected Plan:

Once you've chosen a plan, click 'Buy'.

5. Select the Associated Business:

You will need to select the business that will use this subscription. If you're purchasing this for a new business, click the '+' button next to the dropdown menu. If you are purchasing the services for yourself (your agency), you can select the business in the dropdown and then press 'Add to Cart'.

Note: If you selected your own agency as the business and added the item to the shopping cart, you can skip to step 11.

6. Add a New Business (if needed):

If you're adding a new business, a column will slide in from the right. Enter at least the 'Business Name'. You may also add contact details, address, number of employees, and social links if desired. Click 'Submit'.

7. Select a Person for the Business:

You will also need to select a person associated with this business. Use the dropdown menu to select a person, or click the '+' button to add a new one. Ensure you fill in all required fields.

8. Onboarding Options:

In the dropdown for 'Who should we send the onboarding to?', you can select to have the onboarding documents sent to yourself or your client. Select the option that fits your needs.

Note: If you are sending the onboarding to your client, you should make sure that your dashboard is fully white labeled. The email for the onboarding they will receive is white labeled but when they press on the link, it'll navigate them to your dashboard.

9. Send Sub-Account Invitation:

With this dropdown you can opt to have the business receive an invitation to use the dashboard as a sub-account.

Note: Sub-accounts are created for users on all fulfillment service purchases but you can opt out of providing access to your clients if you wish.

10. Add to Cart:

After you've selected your business and person, click 'Add to Cart'. The cart icon at the top of your dashboard will now show the number of items inside.

11. Review Your Cart:

Click on the cart. Here you can increase or decrease the quantity of an item by clicking the '+' or '-' buttons. Once your cart looks correct, click 'Check Out'.

12. Check Out:

At the checkout page, you can update your quantity or remove an item from the cart. If you're ready to continue, click 'Continue'.

13. Select Your Payment Method:

You will now select your payment method. If you have one on file, it will be available in the dropdown menu when selecting 'Use Existing Card'. If you do not have a card on file, it will default to 'Add New Card'.

14. Complete Your Purchase:

Once all your order information is reviewed and confirmed, click 'Place Your Order'.

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