The Templates application now allows you to utilize the Fallback feature. This option becomes available any time you utilize one of the Personalize options available within the subject line or the message of any template.

The Fallback feature allows you to select a fallback option in the event that the system is unable to access the personalization option you requested.

As an example, we will use an email template with the subject line "Is this {{Person-First Name}}? We were able to do this by selecting Personalize on the right, Person, then First Name.


Notice that your Personalize option now appears in a yellow box instead of with the standard brackets. If you click on the Personalize option, the Fallback option now appears.


In this field, you can enter any fallback value you desire to appear in the event that the template is unable to produce the contact's first name. This generally only occurs in instances where we do not have the appropriate information for the contact on file. However, the fallback option also acts as a failsafe in the event that an unexpected error occurs when sending a templated message to a contact. An option with a fallback will appear like this:


If we cannot locate the first name in this example, the fallback option guarantees that your new value will be used. This way, you never need to worry about accidentally sending a templated message with awkward value calls such as {{Person-First Name}}. This added security measure allows you to send your templates with complete confidence.

When you're satisfied with your fallback value. be sure to Save. Then, click Save at the top of the template.

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