You can make your experience with our platform more organized by associating any individual contacts you have in your CRM with their affiliated business. These contacts may be employees, partners, or owners of these companies and you will want to note the connection whenever possible.

This guide will show you how to associate a People contact with a Business contact and vice-versa.

Accessing the Contact Record

The steps for accessing a contact record are the same for an individual person and a business. For this example, we are using a contact under the People tab.

Hover over the contact you wish to associate with a business. Click on the contact name to open the record. Alternatively, you can click on the blue eye icon that appears to open the Contact Preview. From here, you can use the link at the bottom to access the record by clicking View Record.

Associating a Business with a Person


You will now arrive at the contact record screen. Within the lefthand column, you will find a category called Associated Businesses beneath the contact name and profile picture. Click on this tab to expand it.

If there are no businesses currently associated with this contact and you would like to add one, click on the + icon.

A menu will slide in from the right titled Add Business Association. In this menu, there will be a dropdown containing all of your business contacts currently on file. Use this dropdown to select the correct business for this contact.

When you’re finished, click Add at the bottom of the screen.

When you look back to the column on the left, you will now see the business profile under Associated Businesses.

This association works both ways, meaning that the People contact featured in this example will also show under Associated People within the business contact record.

Associating a Person with a Business

Using the same steps above, locate the business contact in question under the Businesses tab. Open the contact preview and click on View Record.

A similar contact record screen will appear. The difference this time is that the tab below will say Associated People.


Click on the + icon to begin adding a person to the business contact record.

A menu will slide in from the right titled Add Person Association. All of your People contacts will appear within this dropdown menu. Select the correct person. Then, click Add at the bottom of the screen.

Looking back to the left side of the screen, you will now see this person under Associated People. You will also see these associations on the main contacts screen within the table.

That’s it! Going forward, be sure to associate any new contacts you have with their respective businesses whenever appropriate. This will make it easier to keep up-to-date with connections and to better organize your deals within your dashboard.

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