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Using Your People Contact Records
Using Your People Contact Records
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Our platform allows you to associate created contacts with your various projects and activities occurring within other applications.

By expanding your people contact records, you can review any current deals, important documents, or outstanding projects associated with a specific client.

This guide will teach you how to view and edit a People contact record within the Contacts application.

Accessing a People Contact Record

To access a contact record, simply click on the contact name.

Alternatively, you can hover over the contact you wish to view while under the People tab. Click on the blue icon that appears next to the name.

This will bring up the Contact Preview screen. This will give you a look at the various information you can add and associate with this contact.

To begin modifying the record, click on View Record at the bottom of this menu.

Editing the Contact Name, Title, and Profile Picture

This will launch a new page dedicated to the contact in question. We will now walk you through the different functions of this page from left to right.


The first portion of this page includes the contact name as well as various actions you can take regarding this client.

You can edit the contact name at any time by clicking on the blue pencil icon next to it.

A small menu will appear prompting you to enter a new name. You can also add a Job Title to the individual. We updated our test contact to have a real name and job title within the contact record.


To add a profile picture to your contact, click on the circle with your contact’s initials. An Edit Image menu will appear prompting you to upload a new file. Here, you can crop the image to your liking. Click Save to add your profile picture.

Note - Our system is now linked up with Gravatar. If you incorporate a contact from another CRM that utilizes Gravatar, their avatar image will now appear next to their name and title automatically.

Contact Actions

Beneath your contact name, you will notice five actions that you can potentially take regarding this contact.


This allows you to quickly create a note about this client for you and your team. A text editor will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Here, you can highlight key messages for your team members to view. You can also quickly add important attachments to your notes by clicking the paperclip icon on the far left.

When you're satisfied with your note, click Save Note.


Your new note will automatically appear in the Activity feed in the center of the page.

Note that you can also add additional comments to the note in your activity feed. Anyone on your team that can see this client’s contact record can also comment. You can also pin a note to the top of the feed by clicking on the blue pin icon. If you ever need to delete a note, simply click the red trash can icon.


This will automatically launch an email editor with the To and From fields auto-populated with the contact’s email and your email respectively. You can add text and attachments as well as CC and Bcc additional contacts if necessary by using the options included.

When you’re satisfied with your email, click Send Email in the bottom-right corner.

Your sent emails will also appear in the Activity feed.

You can also pin an email to the top of the feed by clicking on the blue pin icon. If you ever need to delete an email, simply click the red trash can icon.

Finally, you can utilize an email template from the Templates app by using the Use Template button near the bottom.

Note - You will not be able to click this action if there is no email address on file.


This functions similarly to the email action and allows you to send an SMS message to the associated phone number. Just as before with the previous actions, sent SMS messages will appear in the Activity feed.

You can also pin a text message to the top of the feed by clicking on the blue pin icon. If you ever need to delete a message, simply click the red trash can icon.

Finally, you can utilize an SMS template from the Templates app by using the Use Template button near the bottom.

Note - You will not be able to click this action if there is no phone number on file.


This allows you to set a custom reminder regarding this contact.


You can select up to three types of reminders: Call, Email, and To Do. You can then select a date and time for this reminder to take place. Finally, you can assign this to one of your team members by utilizing the dropdown under Assigned to.

When you’re happy with your reminder, you can click Save Reminder to add it to your contact record. Just like with previous actions, your reminder will now appear under Activity.

Note - This activity card features a blue checkmark in the top-left corner. You can check this circle to confirm that you performed the action described in the reminder. You can also use the dropdown menus to change who the reminder is assigned to as well as the action and the due date.

You can also pin a reminder to the top of the feed by clicking on the blue pin icon. If you ever need to delete a reminder, simply click the red trash can icon.


Finally, you can log interactions with this client by clicking the last button on the list. A menu will appear allowing you to log three types of interactions: Calls, emails, and meetings.


Each will create a new pop-up menu that differs slightly depending on the type of interaction. Each will allow you to select the team member that attempted to make contact as well as the time and date it took place. You can then add any notes regarding the interaction.

Call will specifically allow you to select a Call Outcome.

Meeting allows you to select all of your team’s attendees as well as a Meeting Outcome and Duration.

Feel free to add any notes within the text editor. When you are finished, click Log “X” in the bottom-right corner to save the log to your contacts.

About This Person

Beneath the list of actions, you will notice additional information categories.


Previously entered information such as name, phone number, and email will automatically populate here. You can also see exactly when this person was added as a contact.

You may feel that the About section is either missing key information or would be better organized without certain values. Scroll down further until you find Manage Properties in blue text. Click on this link.

Managing Your Properties

The link will cause a new menu to appear containing All Properties. You will see a list of all currently available properties along with the options to Add to View, Remove from View, or Clone. Each button will either add the property to About, remove it, or duplicate it if you so choose.

You can also reorganize listed properties by using the column on the left. Simply drag and drop the boxes in any order you would like. You can also delete a property from the list by clicking on the X.

Finally, you can create brand-new properties of your own by clicking on the + New Property button at the top of the page. As this process is slightly more involved, we created a separate help document to walk you through it here.

After you finish managing your properties, be sure to click Save at the top of the page.

Associating People and Businesses

On the right side of the screen, you will find Associated Businesses. This is the method we use to connect each contact with a business for future projects and communications. You can also complete this process the other way by starting with the business and associating a people contact. You'll be able to review when an associated person or business was added to this contact record here under the Activity tab.


Due to how important this process is, we created a separate help article that details the entire process here.

Associating Deals

Similar to business associations, you can associate a deal with your client directly from their contact record. You'll be able to review key information about the deal as well as learn when the deal was added for this contact underneath the Activity tab.

You can learn more about associating deals here.

Contact Owner

You can view and manage the contact owner within the appropriately named section on the right. The owner is the person that is the primary assignee to this contact. This is the person responsible for managing all activity related to this contact record.

Be aware that a user must have the appropriate permissions to change the owner of a contact. You can view when a contact owner is added or changed within the Activity tab in the center of the page.


This section houses all attachments associated with this contact. You can upload new files by clicking on the + icon on the right. A menu will pop up allowing you to drag and drop files into the field. You can also click on the field directly to open your file explorer.


Your file will then appear underneath the tab. You can use the icons on the right to preview, download, or delete the attachment respectively.


You can now add followers to any contact record by using this section on the right. Simply click the + icon to open a new menu. You can then select a user listed within your account to assign as a follower. This follower will be notified of any new activity or notifications related to this contact.

You can see when a follower was added within the Activity tab in the center of the page.


The Tags section allows you to create terms and phrases that you can use as qualifiers for your contact records. By using tags, you can search by that term or phrase to quickly locate any records that are relevant to the designated tag.

To create a tag, click the + icon within this section. You can select existing tags from the dropdown or create a new one by clicking the blue Create Tag button. After creating and selecting your tag, select Add to finalize.


As we approach the end of this article, we will cover the last two sections on the right side of the screen.

The first is a tab that displays all of the InstaSites that are associated with this client. Every time you create a new InstaSite, you will need to select a contact to associate it with. By doing this within the InstaSites application, the contact record will also update here. It will also reveal when the InstaSite was built for this contact underneath the Activity tab. It will also feature a link to directly view the InstaSite.

Clicking on the title in blue will link you directly to a preview of that site.

If you’re interested in creating an InstaSite for this contact, you can click on the + icon which takes you directly to the InstaSites application.

If you’re unfamiliar with InstaSites or the application, you can learn more about it here.


Similar to the above, this section houses all InstaReports currently created for this contact. You can review the report by clicking on the title. You can also click the + icon which will take you directly to the InstaReports application. This will also reveal when the InstaReport was built for this contact underneath the Activity tab in the center of the page. You can also follow the link provided to view the report.

If you’re unfamiliar with the InstaReports application, you can start learning more about it here.

Final Notes

This effectively covers everything you need to know about People contact records within the Contacts application.

Be aware that you can make browsing your activity feed in the center of the page easier by using the tabs at the top of the page. This will quickly filter your feed by conversations, notes, and reminders.

Also - be aware that if you ever need to delete a contact record completely, you can do so by selecting Actions at the top of the page on the left-hand side.

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