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Using a Deal Card
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Note: Access to the Deals app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Accessing and Navigating a Deal Card

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘Deals’.

2. Access My Deals Tab:

Within the 'Deals' application, navigate to the 'My Deals' tab.

3. Find the Specific Deal:

Locate the deal you wish to explore within your sales pipeline and click on the deal name highlighted.

4. Explore the Deal Card:

Observe the information provided when initially creating the deal. This information includes the 'Deal Name', 'Deal Value', 'Expected Close Date', and 'Stage'.

Note: To modify any of these details, click on the pencil icon. This action will open a menu allowing you to edit each aspect.

5. Change Deal Status:

Alter the 'Deal Status' by clicking on the word 'OPEN' (or 'WON' or 'LOST' depending on the status initially chosen). A small menu will appear, permitting you to select a new status.

Working with Deal Card Actions

The deal card has five buttons that correspond with various actions. Each is useful for managing your deal and communicating with your team.

  • Note - To quickly create a note about this deal for you and your team, click on 'Note'. A text editor will appear at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Here, you can also add attachments by clicking the paperclip icon in the bottom-left corner. After adding and editing your note, click on 'Save Note' in the bottom-right corner.

  • Email - Click on 'Email' to launch an email editor. The 'To' and 'From' fields will be auto-populated with the email on file for this deal and your email, respectively. Once satisfied with your email, click 'Send Email' in the bottom-right corner.

  • SMS - Click on 'SMS' to send a message to the associated phone number. Sent messages will appear in the 'Activity' feed.

  • Reminder - Click on 'Reminder' to set a custom reminder regarding this deal. Once happy with your reminder, click 'Save Reminder' to add it to your contact record.

  • Log - Click on 'Log' to log interactions concerning this deal. Here, you can log three types of interactions: Calls, emails, and meetings. When finished, click 'Log X' in the bottom-right corner to save the log.

Note: If no email address is on file, the email action will not be available. If no phone number is on file, the SMS action will not be available.

Managing Your Deal Card Activities

Every note, email, SMS, reminder, or log can be pinned to the top of the 'Activity' feed by clicking on the pin icon. Should you ever need to delete an item, simply click the red trash can icon.

Note: For reminders, an activity card features a checkmark in the top-left corner. You can check this circle to confirm that you performed the action described in the reminder. Adjust who the reminder is assigned to, the action, and the due date using the dropdown menus.

Exploring the Deal Details

In the section labeled "About This Deal," you'll find an array of information regarding your deal. Expand this row to explore further.

Initially, this segment encompasses all data entered about the deal, but you have the flexibility to adjust what's displayed. By selecting Manage Properties, you can modify these data elements.

The Manage Properties page showcases your deal's primary features such as Deal Name, Stage, Status, Deal Value, Currency, and Expected Close Date, centered by default. These fields can't be deleted, though you can choose to hide them with the 'Remove from view' option.

You have the freedom to arrange these properties in the order you prefer, simply by dragging and dropping rows on the left-hand side. To finalize changes, hit the Save button atop the page.

Understanding Deal Values

Currency values update in real-time here. For example, let's consider a deal worth USD 1,000. If the payment currency shifts to Euros, select EUR under Currency and hit Save. You'll immediately see the deal value adjust according to the chosen currency (based on your account's primary currency preference).

Linking Businesses

This section allows you to associate businesses with your deal. To do so, use the + icon on the right, which prompts a dropdown menu. Pick the appropriate business, then click Add.

Your selected business will now feature in this category, with a timestamp marking when it was added to the deal.

Linking Individuals

The process of associating an individual mirrors that of businesses. By clicking on the + icon, you'll be able to choose a person from your contacts. Click Add to confirm your selection.

Post-association, your deal card will display icons or profile images in the lower right, indicating linked individuals or businesses. You can trace when each was added through the Activity feed.

Managing Attachments

Under the Attachments category, you'll find all related files. Use the + icon to open a menu that allows for file uploads either through drag-and-drop or your device's file explorer.

Attachments will be visible under this category. Preview them with the eye icon, download with the middle button, or delete using the last button.

Assigning Deal Owners

The Deal Owner is the main point of contact for this deal. Add an owner via the + icon or pick one from your user list. The Activity feed will keep a record of when the deal owner was assigned or changed. Ensure you have necessary permissions to make these changes.

Adding Followers

The Followers section lets you add users to the deal card who will receive updates about the deal. The addition of a follower will be logged in the Activity feed.

Using Tags

Use tags for quick search and deal identification. Add a new tag or select an existing one using the + icon or dropdown menu respectively.

Working with InstaReports

This tab showcases all InstaReports linked to the deal. You can review each report by clicking on its title or add more via the + icon, which redirects you to the InstaReports application. Check the Activity tab to see when a report was added, along with a link to view the report.

Working with InstaSites

Here, you'll find all associated InstaSites. Click the title to preview each site. If you're keen on creating a new InstaSite, use the + icon to go to the InstaSites application. Track when an InstaSite was added through the Activity tab, which also includes a direct link to the site.

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