This document serves to guide you through the process of creating new contacts within the Contacts application. This will cover creating People contacts

Adding People

To add a person to your list of contacts, click on the People tab within the Contacts app. Then, click on the + New Person button in the top-right corner.

This will cause a menu to pop out from the right titled Create Person. You will see that one of two fields is required to make a contact record: Email Address or Name.

As you begin to enter the person’s information in either field, additional fields will appear that are optional: Job Title, Phone Number, and Lead Status. If the contact’s phone number is outside of the United States, you can click on the flag icon to select a different region:


The lead status dropdown provides an additional way to qualify your contact according to where you are with them in your sales process.

Here is a breakdown of what these statuses mean, though some of them may be self-explanatory:

  • New - This is a brand-new contact with no prior deals or communication.

  • Open - This means that a representative attempted contact with the lead. It now requires a follow-up for further pursuit.

  • In Progress - This may indicate that you have made a connection and have begun the process of moving toward a deal.

  • Open Deal - This may indicate that you pitched an offer to the customer. You are awaiting a response or need to follow up.

  • Unqualified - The contact did not qualify for a deal. You may wish to contact them again in the future for another offer.

  • Attempted to Contact - This signifies that an attempt to make contact was made, but you have yet to receive a response.

  • Connected - You connected with the lead and now need to plan your next steps.

  • Bad Timing - You connected with the lead and they demonstrated interest but were not able to take advantage of your offer at this time.

After you enter all of the necessary information, click on Submit to complete the process. If you would like to begin entering another personal contact, click on Create and Add Another.

Warning - If you begin to enter an email that you already have in your Contacts, you will receive a warning notification as pictured below:

If you receive this notification, you will be unable to create a new contact with that email address as it is already present in your Contacts app. This will also be true for duplicate phone numbers to ensure you always have unique contacts within the application.

When you are finished entering one or more personal contacts, you will revert to the People tab and see your new contacts at the top of the table.

Important Note - You can expand the information stored in your contacts by accessing and editing the contact record within the application. This allows you to make further use of the platform by associating tasks and projects with the client so that you can review everything in one place.

You can learn more about how to expand your contact records here.

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