When using the Forms application, you will notice various columns under the My Forms tab that provide unique information. Two of these are empty by default - Category and Tags.

These two columns are ways for you to classify and organize your various forms. The Forms app allows you to create your own categories and tags so that you can personalize your experience in a way that best suits your team’s workflow.

How to Create Categories & Tags

You can only create new categories and tags if you are creating a new form or modifying an existing one.

You can learn how to create a new form by using the help articles listed below:

If you have an existing form, you can add categories and tags by hovering over the form and clicking on the blue gear icon that appears:

In the menu that appears, click on Edit.

Whether you are creating a new form or editing an existing one, you will arrive at the same form builder.

Next, click on the Options tab in the left-hand column:


The second and third options both provide the option to add and select categories and tags.

To create a new category, click on the blue + icon on the right. Enter your desired category name, then click Create. You can then select the category from the dropdown menu. You can follow the same exact process to create new Tags.

Once you create a category or tag, it will remain in the dropdown menu when creating new forms. You can continue using your categories for future forms or create new ones using these instructions.

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