The InstaSites application features its own reporting features which you can review under the Reporting tab. Simply navigate to the InstaSite’s application via the app drawer and click on the tab to review your performance.

Below, we’ll break down each metric, so that you can utilize these metrics to drive your future sales strategies.


The Built metric refers to the number of successful InstaSites builds you have on record versus the number of failed builds. This ideally will measure 100% at all times indicating that all of your attempted builds were successful.

However, it is possible for builds to fail if we are ever experiencing issues with our software or servers. The system will automatically attempt to retry any failed builds before classifying them as Failed. You can check on the status of any sites under the My InstaSites tab - specifically under the Status column.

If your Built metric reads lower than 100%, check back to the My InstaSites tab and utilize the filters to review your Failed builds.


The Viewed tab refers to the percentage of all built InstaSites that were actually viewed by the recipient. This only refers to InstaSites that are actually built. It will not include any Failed builds.

For example, if you build two (2) InstaSites, each sent to one (1) recipient each, and only one person views their InstaSite, the graph will read 50%.

Another important note is that this metric only records one view for each website. This means that if you notify three (3) people regarding the same InstaSite, it only requires one person to view it to register as Viewed. The other two views will be inconsequential for this metric.


Finally, the Purchased tab refers to the number of websites you purchased versus your successful builds. Once again, this does not include Failed builds.

For example:

  • You attempt to build eleven (11) websites.

  • Ten (10) are successfully Built, while one (1) site Failed.

  • After speaking with your clients, you decide to purchase two (2) of the ten (10) Built websites.

  • Your Purchased metric will read 2 (20%).

This metric will give you a clear idea of how many InstaSites are actually being purchased versus how many builds you are purchasing with your InstaSites credits.

Reporting by Industry

Finally, the bottom of the Reporting tab features a breakdown of your metrics by Industry. All of our InstaSites are categorized by industry when browsing and building.

The table shows the name of the industry as well as the number of Builds, Views, and Purchases for each. This report will allow you to determine which industries are performing well for website sales as well as which industries are underperforming or require additional attention.

Take advantage of these various reporting metrics to guide your InstaSites activities and to help keep tabs on high-priority website builds. Take the time to learn more about how we measure Priority and how you can use it to guide your website sales.

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