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Using the InstaSites App
Using the InstaSites App
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Note: Access to the InstaSites app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Understanding the InstaSites Application

InstaSites is an application specifically for partners. It allows you to build, buy, and customize websites for your clients. You can explore more than 200 website templates, pick one for a business prospect, and create a personalized website using their information.

The term 'InstaSite' refers to a fully functional, SEO-optimized website that is automatically personalized for your business clients. The system leverages data such as business name, logo, phone number, email, address, and business hours, and incorporates it throughout the site using smart data connect fields. Consequently, you can rapidly generate a new website for your business prospects. Plus, it can send out notifications of each build without needing further action from you.

Guide to Accessing the InstaSites Application

Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘InstaSites’.

Exploring the InstaSites Application

After entering the InstaSites application, you'll first encounter the Templates store, which allows you to browse through a wide range of websites and landing pages suitable for various business categories. These templates are divided into three categories: Business templates, E-Commerce InstaSites, and Landing Pages.

You can also use the Search Template tool, located in the top right corner, to find a specific template. Each template offers a mini-preview and a full-scale preview before you decide to build an InstaSite.

Note: Before purchasing a template, you can edit it to your liking.

The 'My InstaSites' tab displays your built InstaSites. Here, you'll find all the information you provided during the build. This page will remain empty until you construct an InstaSite.

The Status and Priority columns indicate where your website is in the build process and how urgent the site is for your prospect.

Filter your InstaSites by Status using the options in the leftmost column or search for a specific InstaSite in the Search InstaSites field located in the top right corner.

The Activity Feed on the far right gives a summary of the date and time of when it was Queued, Built, and Purchased. If you haven't purchased the site, the checkbox will remain blank with the message 'Not Purchased Yet'.

Note: After a specific period, non-purchased InstaSites are scheduled for purging. The website information will be retained for 90 days, after which, if not purchased, the website will be purged.


The Reporting tab simplifies your metrics into three key categories:

  • Built - Shows the number of successful builds and failed builds.

  • Viewed - Compares the number of successful builds and the number of times the sites have been viewed by leads.

  • Purchased - Reflects the number of InstaSites you've purchased against the number built.

Additionally, a table at the page's end breaks down these metrics by industry, mirroring the total figures displayed at the top, but without automatic percentage calculation.

You can narrow down these reports to a specific timeframe using the calendar feature at the top-right corner, either by selecting one of the preset ranges or setting your own dates.

Customizing Your InstaSites Experience

The My InstaSites tab provides customization options to enhance your browsing experience, which we'll elaborate below.

1. Items Per Page:

By default, the My InstaSites tab displays a minimum of 25 websites. If you have more, navigate through multiple pages using the numeric or arrow buttons at the page's bottom. To view more items per page, click the "Show 25 Per Page" blue text at the bottom-right of the table to increase it to 50 or 100 items.

2. Column Customization:

If you wish to exclude or include information in the My InstaSites table, utilize the Manage Columns menu at the top right. You can toggle visibility of columns through the blue checkmarks, with the exception of the Company Name and Status column. You also have the option to hide all columns at once.

Reorder your columns as per your preference by dragging and dropping the gray boxes on the menu's right. You can delete categories by clicking the X to the right of them.

InstaSites Policy Notes

  • Purchased InstaSites are hosted exclusively on the DashClicks platform and can't be exported to other hosting services.

  • An InstaSite remains active and hosted by DashClicks as long as monthly hosting fees are met.

  • InstaSites can't be transferred between partner accounts.

  • InstaSites built but not purchased are removed after 90 days.

  • Data for a purchased and later cancelled site stays on the platform indefinitely for potential reactivation.

  • If a client wishes to cancel your agency services but keep the site, they must maintain the site subscription with you as sites are non-transferrable.

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