The InstaSites app is a partner-only application that allows the building, purchasing, and editing of custom websites for your clients. With this app, you can browse through 200+ website templates, select a business prospect, and build a brand-new website personalized with their information.

In this document, we’re going to walk you through the InstaSites application and demonstrate how to access its basic features.

What is an InstaSite?

An InstaSite is a fully functional website that our system personalizes to your business clients in seconds. Our experienced web developers design each website to provide a clean, sleek, and seamless experience for your users. Each website is complete with SEO-optimized content to help your business start ranking with no delay.

Furthermore, the InstaSites application collects the data you have from your business client including business name, business logo, phone number, email, address, business hours, and much more. It then automatically integrates this data appropriately throughout the site thanks to its smart data connect fields.

As a result, you can create a brand-new website to sell to your business prospects in a matter of seconds. You can even automate each build to send out a notification immediately without any additional input from you.

Accessing the InstaSites App

You can easily access the InstaSites application in two easy steps:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. From your dashboard, click on the app drawer located at the top right of the screen. Then, click on the InstaSites icon.

Navigating the InstaSites App

Templates Store

After entering the InstaSites application, you’ll first arrive at the Templates store. Here, you can browse hundreds of unique websites and landing pages that span every type of business category. We’re also constantly taking suggestions for new template ideas and looking to add more sites for your convenience.

You can quickly navigate through the different categories by using the aptly titled column on the left side of the page:

Business templates refer to a standard, informational website that's used to spread awareness and provide business details.

E-Commerce InstaSites contain both informational pages and a templated store for you to quickly begin selling your products.

Finally, Landing Pages are single-page sites designed to promote specific offers related to a given industry. These also contain a follow-up thank you page to let your users know that they successfully signed up using the submission form.

Alternatively, you can utilize the Search Template tool located in the top right corner of the page.

After finding a template that you like, you can access a quick, mini-preview by utilizing the desktop, tablet, and mobile icons in the corner of each template.

You can access a full-scale preview by hovering over the template. You will see two buttons: Build InstaSite and Preview. Clicking Preview will take you to a new page with side-by-side comparisons of each device layout.


You can navigate the entire website using each device's perspective by clicking the icons at the top of this page. The desktop, tablet, and mobile previews are all functional and will allow you to take an in-depth look before committing to a purchase.

Note - If you notice minor things you would like to change in a template, you will have the opportunity to edit the template before purchasing. Building an InstaSite requires no charge, and you will be able to edit and personalize the site as much as you like before purchasing.

You can learn more about editing your websites here.

The final action you can perform on this page is to Build an InstaSite. You can do this by clicking on the button that appears when hovering over a template. To learn more about that process, click here.

My InstaSites

The second tab of this application displays a list of your InstaSites. Be aware that this page will contain an empty list until you build an InstaSite using the previous tab. After you receive a notification that your website is being built, you can jump to this tab and see it in your list of InstaSites.

This table will feature all of the information you provided during the build and then some including Company Name, Email, Phone, and Location.

The two new categories you will notice are Priority and Status. The first refers to how high of a priority a site should be regarding following up with your prospect and closing the sale. The latter is an indicator of where your website is in the build process.

You can learn more about how we determine Priority in this help article.

You can filter your InstaSites quickly by Status when using the filter options in the leftmost column. We’ve also provided a brief overview of each Status below:

  • Queued - Your InstaSite is in the queue and will build shortly.

  • Built - Your InstaSite now exists and your notifications have been sent to your contacts.

  • Canceled - This is an uncommon status, and typically only appears if you or an internal team member cancels the build for some purpose.

  • Failed - The InstaSite build was not successful. Our system will attempt to retry once. If there is still a problem, it will remain with this status.

  • Retrying - The initial build was unsuccessful, and the system is attempting to build once more.

  • Purchased - You purchased this website for your client.

  • Purged - After a set period, we schedule any InstaSites that are not purchased for purging. We will hold that website information for 90 days and if not purchased, the website will be purged.

You may also search for a specific InstaSite by entering the Company Name or any other identifying information associated with the build. This feature is located in the top right corner in the field that says Search InstaSites.

On the far right, you will also notice the Activity Feed. This provides a quick summary showing the date and time of when it was Queued, when it was successfully Built, and the date and time of Purchase. If you did not purchase the site, the checkbox will be blank alongside a message stating “Not Purchased Yet.”


Finally, the Reporting tab offers a simple breakdown of your various metrics including:

  • Built - The number of successful builds versus failed builds

  • Viewed - The number of successful builds versus how many sites are viewed by leads

  • Purchased - The number of InstaSites you purchased versus how many you built

The bottom of the page also features a table that breaks down these metrics by industry. These numbers are symmetrical to the totals shown above but do not automatically calculate percentages.

You may also review reporting for a specific date range by utilizing the calendar feature in the top right corner.

You can select any one of the predetermined ranges in the leftmost column. Alternatively, you can set a specific date range by clicking once to set your start date, then clicking once more to set your end date.

If you’d like to review a more detailed breakdown of these reporting metrics, click here.

Customizing Your Instasites App

While most of the features in the InstaSites application are set in place, the My InstaSites tab comes with certain customization features that may make your viewing experience more convenient. We’ll explain what these are and how to access them below.

Items Per Page

The My InstaSites tab is set to display the minimum number of websites possible at once, which is 25. If you have more websites, you can quickly browse multiple pages by clicking on the numbers or arrow buttons at the bottom of the page.

If you’d like to increase the number of items per page, simply click on the blue text in the bottom right corner of the table that says Show 25 Per Page. You can then increase this to 50 or 100 items.

Column Customization

If there’s any information you find extraneous or would like to omit from the My InstaSites table, you can do so by accessing the Manage Columns menu in the top right corner.

Clicking this button will prompt the menu to appear. On the left side of the menu, you can click the blue checkmarks to hide or reveal columns of your choosing. The Company Name and Status column must always remain visible. You can also hide all columns simultaneously by clicking the box next to All Columns.

Alternatively, you can rearrange the order in which your columns appear by using the section on the right. Click on one of the gray boxes to drag and drop them wherever you would like. You can also click the X on the right of a category to delete them.

This covers the basics of navigating and accessing the different features located within the InstaSites application. Be sure to review all of the available help articles to take an in-depth look at how to use the various features available within this application.

InstaSites Disclaimers:

  • Purchased InstaSites will remain on the DashClicks platform and cannot be exported to other hosting providers

  • Once a site is built on the DashClicks platform, it will remain active and hosted by DashClicks for as long as monthly hosting fees are being paid

  • InstaSites are non-transferrable from one partner account account to another

  • InstaSites that have been built but not purchased will be purged after 90 days

  • If you had purchased a site and then canceled the site, the site data will remain in the platform indefinitely so that site can be reactivated if needed

  • If you have a client that is looking to cancel services with your agency but wants to keep the site, they will have to maintain the site subscription with you, the site is not transferrable

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