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What is Priority in InstaSites?
What is Priority in InstaSites?
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Note: Access to the InstaSites app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Understanding 'Priority' in the InstaSites Application

The 'Priority' column in the InstaSites application helps users identify the InstaSites builds that need immediate attention.

Defining 'Priority'

'Priority' in the InstaSites context refers to the freshness or recency of the interaction. Building an InstaSite is an intent to communicate with your business contacts, presenting them a new website. This idea aligns with the concept of 'Lead Freshness'. Timely engagement with leads following their interaction with an offer considerably enhances the probability of conversion. Hence, your sales team should promptly follow up with leads every time you create a new InstaSite for them.

Determining 'Priority' Levels

Determining 'Priority' is straightforward and doesn't involve any intricate calculations. Upon successful creation of an InstaSite, it automatically receives a five-star priority. This is due to the novelty of the website, prompting you to share it with your business contact promptly. It's beneficial to utilize the notification automation when constructing the site.

A successful strategy involves your sales personnel following up the notification to confirm the website link's receipt. Ensure you are available to review the site with them and resolve any queries they may have. When the site is new, customers show a greater interest in the opportunity, facilitating a smoother deal closure.

The 'Priority' decreases by one star each day following the website's creation, indicating the lead getting colder with time. However, 'Priority' will not go below one star.

Increasing 'Priority' Levels

The 'Priority' level increases only when the customer views the website preview. While your team should try to make immediate contact, your prospects may require time to review the website.

In such a scenario, we aim to notify you whenever a customer interacts with their potential new website. This interaction elevates the build back to a five-star priority, signaling your sales team to seize the opportunity.

When working with InstaSites, ensure that you and your team utilize 'Priority' as a critical sales guidance factor. Proper use of 'Priority' could mean the difference between success and failure when using the InstaSites application.

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