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What is Priority for InstaReports?
What is Priority for InstaReports?
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Note: Access to the InstaReports app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Understanding Priority in InstaReports

Priority is a concept used within the InstaReports application to help highlight recent interactions, and it's crucial in managing your online marketing contacts and services effectively.

Priority indicates the freshness or recency of the interaction with a potential lead. The fresher the interaction, the higher the priority should be for your sales team to follow up. This aligns closely with our concept of 'Lead Freshness', where a swift response to a lead engagement significantly increases the chance of conversion.

Step-By-Step Guide to Determining Priority Levels in InstaReports

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘InstaReports’.

2. Creating an InstaReport:

After successfully building an InstaReport, the report is assigned a five-star priority. This high priority is because the report is new, and sharing it with your business contact as soon as possible is vital. Use the notification automation to alert your contact about the new report.

3. Ensuring Follow Up:

Having your sales team confirm receipt of the report and offering to review it with your business contact is a good strategy. This can improve engagement and increase the chances of closing a deal while the report is fresh.

4. Understanding Priority Reduction:

The priority level drops by one star each day after the report's creation. This decrease signifies the cooling off of the lead over time. However, the priority will never go below one star.

5. Increasing Priority Levels:

The priority level only increases when the customer opens the report. The system alerts you when a customer interacts with their digital report, and this bumps the priority back up to five stars.

6. Using Priority as a Sales Guide:

Prioritize treating Priority as a significant factor for your sales process when using the InstaReports application. Proper use of this feature can be instrumental in achieving success with the InstaReports application.

Note: The Priority feature within InstaReports is designed to assist you in identifying and engaging with fresh leads. Use it as a guide to direct your sales team to high-potential opportunities.

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