The InstaReports application features a column titled Priority, which is meant to help you determine which InstaReports builds deserve your attention.

This document serves to help you understand what we mean by Priority. You will also learn what factors determine if something is a low or high priority.

What is Priority?

Priority corresponds to how fresh the interaction currently is. When you build an InstaReport, you’re building it with the intent to notify your business contacts and sell them your services to improve their online marketing.

The idea is nearly identical to what we discussed in our help article discussing “Lead Freshness.” Making contact with leads as soon as they engage with an offer drastically increases the likelihood of conversion. With that in mind, it’s critical for your sales team to follow up with leads whenever you build them a new InstaReport that analyzes their online business activity.

How Do You Determine Priority Levels?

Determining Priority is simple and does not require any complex formulas.

When you successfully build an InstaReport, it automatically receives five-star priority. The report is brand-new and you will want to share it with your business contact as soon as possible. This is why it is effective to take advantage of the notification automation available when building the report.

It is also an effective strategy to have your sales personnel follow up on the notification to confirm receipt of the report. You should make yourself available to review the report with them and answer any outstanding questions. When the report is fresh, the customer is more likely to be interested in exploring new opportunities, which makes it that much easier to close a deal.

Priority will begin to lower by one star each day that follows the report’s creation. This is reflective of your lead growing colder as time passes. Priority will go no lower than one star.

Does Anything Increase the Priority Level?

The only way that the Priority level will increase is if the customer opens the report. While your team should attempt to make contact immediately, your prospects may need time before they are able to review the report.

With this in mind, we want to alert you whenever a customer engages with their digital report. The build then goes back up to a five-star priority, alerting your sales team to take advantage of the opportunity.

When working with InstaReports, make sure that you and your team treat Priority as a guiding sales factor. It can be the difference between success and failure during your experience with the InstaReports application.

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