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Managing Sub-Accounts
What Do My Sub-Accounts Have Access to?
What Do My Sub-Accounts Have Access to?
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Note: Access to the Sub-Accounts feature is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Understanding Sub-Accounts

Sub-accounts function similarly to Main Accounts, but are associated beneath the Main Account. However, they have limitations in terms of the applications and features they can access.

Features Not Accessible by Sub-Accounts

Sub-accounts will not have access to the following applications and features:

  • InstaSites

  • InstaReports

  • Projects

  • Fulfillment Center

  • Sub-Accounts

  • Affiliate Program

  • Rebilling

Website Access in the Sites Application

Sub-accounts cannot select a website within the Sites application. Instead, they receive an instruction to reach out to the Main Account holder for more information on obtaining a new website. Once a website is purchased for a sub-account, the Sites application for the sub-account will contain the new website.

Removal of Certain Features from Sub-Accounts

All features and settings related to InstaSites, InstaReports, and Projects will not be accessible to sub-accounts. This includes removing these sections from Contact cards, Dashboard widgets, Deals, and Settings.

Sub-Account Management Page Access

Sub-accounts cannot access your sub-account management page, nor do they have their own. This restriction is due to the fact that a sub-account cannot invite other sub-accounts to join our platform.

Note: Sub-accounts have visibility and interaction only with information pertaining to their own business. They do not have access to white-labeled materials or information about your personal account.

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