Sub-accounts look and function nearly the same as Main Accounts, but exist below the Main Account that associates with them.

There are several applications and features that a sub-account will not have access to, including:

  • InstaSites

  • InstaReports

  • Projects

  • Fulfillment Store

  • Affiliate Program & Payments


In addition to removing these, sub-accounts will not be able to select a website within the Sites application. They will instead receive a message instructing them to reach out to you for more information on how to obtain a new website that they can use within the Sites application. After purchasing your sub-account a website, their application will look the same as yours, but with their new website.


Additionally, any applications or settings that refer to InstaSites, InstaReports, or Projects will see those features removed. This includes removing those sections from Contacts cards, Dashboard widgets, Deals, Settings, etc. Check out some of the screenshots below to get an idea of what the dashboard looks like from the sub-account perspective:


Finally, sub-accounts will not have access to your sub-account management page. They also do not have their own sub-account management page. This is because a sub-account cannot invite other sub-accounts to join our platform.

Effectively, your sub-accounts will only be able to see and interact with information that pertains to their business and will not be able to see any white-labeled materials or information regarding your personal account.

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