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How to Share Funnels Using the Funnels Application
How to Share Funnels Using the Funnels Application
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Note: Access to the Funnels app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Sharing a Funnel

1. Accessing the Funnels Application:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select 'Funnels'.

2. Sharing a Built Funnel:

In the Funnel Builder, locate the funnel you wish to share. You can click the 'Share' option next to the funnel or, within a funnel, click the prominent 'Share' button.

3. Using the Share Link:

Upon clicking 'Share', a link is generated. This link can be copied and sent to other DashClicks users.

Understanding the Bridge Page

When a recipient clicks on the share link, they are directed to a bridge page. This page displays a video and information about the shared funnel, including the funnel's name and a preview.

1. For Existing DashClicks Users:

If the recipient already has a DashClicks account, they can simply log in through the bridge page. The shared funnel will be automatically duplicated into their account, including all forms and settings.

2. For New Users:

If the recipient does not have a DashClicks account, they can sign up directly from the bridge page. The shared funnel will be duplicated into their new account upon registration.

Affiliate Benefits

When a new user signs up through your shared funnel link and subscribes to a DashClicks Pro plan, you receive affiliate commissions as part of DashClicks' affiliate program.

Managing Shared Funnels

Shared funnels offer various possibilities, such as collaborating with colleagues, distributing course materials, selling funnel templates, or transferring completed funnels to clients. This feature enhances the collaborative and commercial capabilities within the DashClicks ecosystem.

Note: Share funnels thoughtfully, considering the impact on your affiliate revenue and client relationships. Remember, shared funnels are a powerful tool for both collaboration and marketing within the DashClicks community.

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