DashClicks Affiliate Program
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The DashClicks Affiliate Program is an optional part of our platform that allows main account users to generate additional monthly income. Users can earn a commission for all DashClicks subscription referrals we receive as a result of using your unique referral code.

This guide serves to provide a basic overview of the Affiliate Program, how to become an affiliate, and how to use your affiliate page.

Creating Your Affiliate Account

You must first creating your affiliate account from within your DashClicks dashboard to start collecting commissions. This can be done from within Settings > Affiliate.

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

Any DashClicks user that has an account is eligible to participate in our program. This includes free accounts. You do not need to have a paid subscription to participate.

The only requirement for creating an affiliate account is to be a main account user. This program is not available to sub-account users.

By creating a main account, you will receive a personalized referral code that we associate with your profile. Any time a user creates a new account and signs up for a software subscription, you will receive a commission for that sale every month.

Our current commission rate is 40% for all affiliates.

You will receive a payment for the initial sale and every payment we receive each month as long as those users remain subscribed. We check your account on the first of the month to issue payments via Tipalti.

Accessing Your Affiliate Page

Main account users can access their affiliate page by clicking on their profile picture in the top-right corner. Then, use the dropdown to click on Affiliate Program.

Using the Affiliate Center

The Affiliate Center consists of five major sections you can use to track your performance, earnings, and even see how you stack up against other affiliates.

Your Referral Link

In the first section, you will find your unique referral link. You can highlight and copy the link directly or use the button located on the right. This will be your lifeline as an affiliate as future users must use your code when they sign up for you to receive credit. We will not retroactively count referrals if the user fails to use your code.

Partner Stats & Earnings

The last section on the left shows all of your partner stats since the last system check. When our system automatically checks your account for new referrals on the 1st of every month, and your stats will update accordingly.

Let’s take a look at what each metric means:

  • Total Clicks - This is the total number of times that other people clicked on your referral link.

  • Trialing Referrals - This is the number of users who created an account with DashClicks as a result of your referral. However, they are only using a free account.

  • Active Referrals - This is the number of referred users that have active software subscriptions with DashClicks. You will receive a commission each month from these sales.

  • To Be Paid on the 1st - This shows the amount you can expect to be paid during the next period.

  • Lifetime Earnings - This is the total amount of commission earned throughout your time as an affiliate.

Partner Leaderboard

The top section on the right shows the current leaderboard for all DashClicks affiliates. This will always display the top 10 leading performers in a given period. By default, this will be set to the current month.

You can check on performance for additional periods by using the drop-down in the top-right corner. There, you can review the top ten earners for the current month and all-time.

Lifetime Earnings

The final section allows you to review your lifetime earnings as an affiliate.

DashClicks Platform refers to your lifetime earnings from all software subscriptions that were a result of your referrals.

Lastly, the table below will list every company that signs up for a subscription with your referral link. However, we do not list the name for privacy reasons and instead use an internal agency identifier.

Here is a quick breakdown of each column within the table:

  • Signed Up - The date and time the agency signed up using your referral link.

  • Purchases - This is the total value of all the subscription purchases from this agency.

  • Software Commission - This is the total earnings you made from this agency’s software subscription.

  • Agency ID - This is the agency’s unique identifier that we use for internal tracking.

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