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Step-By-Step Guide to Disabling Ad Blockers for DashClicks

1. Access Ad Blocker Plugin:

Locate your ad blocker plugin on your web browser and navigate to the ad blocker settings.

2. Disable Ad Blocker From Blocking DashClicks:

To disable the ad blocker from blocking DashClicks, find the instructions for your specific ad blocker. Your ad blocker may use a toggle or may require you to add DashClicks to an exclusion list.

Your dashboard should now function correctly without any interference.

Why Disable Ad Blocker From Blocking DashClicks?

Ad blockers are helpful tools for blocking unwanted ads, but it can sometimes interfere with the functionality of certain websites. We've received reports from our DashClicks users that having ad blockers enabled can prevent the software from sending important notifications and updates.

To ensure you receive all the necessary updates and notifications, and to enable the smooth running of your DashClicks account, please prevent your ad blockers from blocking DashClicks. If your ad blocker is on and is blocking DashClicks, you may see a notification when logging into DashClicks:

'We found an ad blocker in your browser. If you leave this on, the dashboard will not work 100% properly. For the best experience, please turn it off and reload the page.'

While it is entirely up to you whether you choose to keep your ad blocker enabled or disabled, following the steps above to disable the ad blocker specifically for DashClicks can help ensure optimal functionality of your DashClicks account.

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