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How Do I Cancel An Active Subscription?
How Do I Cancel An Active Subscription?
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Step-By-Step Guide to Cancelling Your Subscription

1. Access Dashboard Settings:

Hover over the navigation bar on the left side of the dashboard. At the very bottom, you'll find a section displaying your name, email, and photo. Click on this section. A menu will pop up; select 'Settings'.

2. Navigate to Subscriptions:

In the left-side column under Billing Preferences, click 'Subscriptions'.

3. Select the Business:

Under 'Other Subscriptions', use the dropdown to select the business that possesses the subscription you wish to cancel.

4. Deactivate the Subscription:

On the right where it says 'Active', click on the three-dotted line to access a sub-menu. Then, select 'Deactivate'. You will then be navigated to a window where you are able to provide feedback for the reason of cancelation (this feedback helps us improve our services).

5. Completing Deactivation

After leaving your feedback, select 'Continue' at the top right of the screen. Then, you'll be prompted to acknowledge and confirm a list of items pertaining to the cancelation. Check the box and press 'Continue' in the top right once more.

This action will send a notification to the DashClicks billing and production team to initiate the cancellation of this service.

Note: The cancellation process can take up to one business day. Our team will halt any recurring billing cycles and send you an email confirmation once the cancellation is complete.

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