In order to cancel an active subscription with DashClicks, you need to activate the cancellation in your dashboard.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to Settings. Then, click on Subscriptions at the bottom of the left-side column under Billing Preferences.

  3. Under Other Subscriptions, you can use the dropdown to select the business that possesses the subscription you wish to cancel. On the right where it says Active, click on the three-dotted line to access a sub-menu. Then, click Deactivate.


This will send a message to the DashClicks billing and production team to cancel this service.

Please keep in mind the following before canceling:

  • Once a service is canceled all of the data inside the dashboard will be canceled along with it.

  • The clients will not have access to reporting inside of their dashboard for this service.

It can take up to 1 business day for our team to cancel out the service and stop any recurring billing cycles. Once the cancellation is complete our team will notify you by email.

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