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What Do I Do If Payment Gets Declined for a Subscription?
What Do I Do If Payment Gets Declined for a Subscription?
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Step-By-Step Guide to Retrying Your Payment for Past Due Subscriptions

1. Access Dashboard Settings:

Hover over the navigation bar on the left side of the dashboard. At the very bottom, you'll find a section displaying your name, email, and photo. Click on this section. A menu will pop up; select 'Settings'.

2. Navigate to Billing Preferences:

On the left-side menu, select 'Billing Preferences', then click on 'Subscriptions'.

3. Find 'Past Due' Subscriptions:

Scroll to the bottom until you see 'Other Subscriptions'. Use the dropdown menus to locate the subscription marked as 'Past Due' in a red block.

4. Retry Payment:

Click on the button next to the subscription status and select 'Retry'.

At this point, the system will re-attempt to process the payment using the payment method registered on your account for this subscription. Once the payment is successfully received, the 'Past Due' status in red will change to 'Active' in green, confirming the successful payment.

Note: This feature is only available for an account with the 'Past Due' status. It will not work if the account status is 'Active', 'Unpaid', or 'Canceled'.

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