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What Happens After I Purchase Fulfillment Services?
What Happens After I Purchase Fulfillment Services?
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What Happens After You Purchase a Service

After you have finalized your payment for a service in the DashClicks fulfillment store, our system is designed to automatically initiate a series of events.

Note: This applies to all fulfillment services except add-on services that don't require onboarding document submissions. Add-on services like listings are completely self-service and automated.

1. Email Notifications:

An email notifications to submit onboarding documents will be sent to either you (the agency owner) or your client, based on your selection.

Note: Notifications are sent to the person's contact email, not the business contact email. This contact is the one you selected when first adding the service to your cart.

Also, a notification to access the dashboard will be sent to your client as well if you selected the option at checkout.

2. Onboarding Document Submission:

Once the onboarding document is received and then submitted, our admin team gets notified which starts the onboarding verification process. If our admin team approves the onboarding documents, they will go ahead and delegate tasks accordingly to our fulfillment team. However, if there are any issues present with the onboarding document submissions, our admin team will reach out to you to make sure all issues are addressed and resolved.

3. Invitation to Communicate with Our Team:

Within 24 hours of purchasing the fulfillment service, you will receive notification from our team (via email) with instructions on how you'll be able to communicate with our team moving forward.

4. Regular Reporting and Communications

You can expect reporting to be sent to you on a regular basis from our team. You can always reach out to our team with any issues or concerns you may have regarding your active fulfillment services.

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