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Main Accounts vs. Sub-Accounts
Main Accounts vs. Sub-Accounts
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Main Accounts Overview

Main accounts function as the central command center for you and your team to manage your company and each of your clients. With a main account, you get access to a wide variety of features and applications on our platform, including but not limited to:

  • A Custom Dashboard

  • Contacts

  • InstaSites

  • InstaReports

  • Sites (with agency templates)

  • Templates

  • Deals

  • Inbound

  • Analytics

  • Forms

  • Projects

  • Conversations

  • Billing

  • Custom Domains

  • Custom Email Domains

  • Branding

  • Fulfillment Center

  • Affiliate Program & Payments

Note: The main accounts grant access to the Sub-Account management system. You can invite sub-accounts to use your custom-branded dashboard.

Main accounts can review and analyze sub-account data within specific applications. These analytics provide insights about your sub-accounts' ad campaigns, websites, SEO, Listings, social media, and more within the 'Projects' application.

The Projects application serves as a built-in task management system. Your team can use it to monitor the activities of your sub-accounts.

Sub-Accounts Overview

Sub-accounts operate similarly to main accounts but are associated with and exist under a main account. Sub-accounts feature your company's branding on their dashboards. Sub-accounts are the accounts belonging to your clients or customers, and their version of the dashboard is a bit different than yours as a main account.

Despite the similarity, there are certain applications and features that sub-accounts lack, including:

  • InstaSites

  • InstaReports

  • Projects

  • Fulfillment Center

  • Affiliate Program & Payments

Sub-accounts also cannot select a website within the 'Sites' application. They will receive a message guiding them to contact you for information on acquiring a new website they can use within the 'Sites' application.

Additionally, sub-accounts will not find features that reference InstaSites, InstaReports, or Projects. This means those sections will be absent from Contacts cards, Dashboard widgets, Deals, Settings, etc.

Finally, sub-accounts cannot access your sub-account management page, nor do they have their own. A sub-account cannot invite other sub-accounts to join our platform. Sub-accounts can however add other users to use their sub-account.

Note: Sub-accounts can only view and interact with information related to their business. They won't see any white-labeled materials or information about your personal account.

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