The following document will assist users in adding and updating any phone numbers they wish to purchase for account use. These phone numbers will allow you to send and receive messages to and from your clients and prospects directly from the dashboard. You can purchase numbers local to your location as well as international numbers.

Accessing Your Phone Number Settings

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Then, click on Settings.

  2. From the column on the left, click on Phone Numbers underneath Business Settings.

Managing Phone Numbers

This section will list any phone numbers you have on file for your business in a table. With no phone numbers added, this section will appear empty.

If you have existing numbers, they will be listed in the table on this page. It will display the Phone Number, the Capabilities (Voice, SMS, MMS), and the current Status (In Use, Not in Use, etc.).

Adding a Phone Number

To begin adding and purchasing a new phone number for your account, click on + New Phone Number.


The page will update to the following:


The first section will prompt you to select the country of origin you wish to use for the number. Select your country from the dropdown. You will see a green checkmark on the right confirming that you’ve satisfied the conditions for each step.

Next, select whether you want to search for a local or toll-free number.

Next, select the capabilities you wish to use for this number. You can currently select Voice or SMS. You can also check Both. For example, if you wish to use this number only to send automated text messages, you would only need to check SMS.

Finally, you will need to enter the area code you wish to use for the number. This helps your phone number appear as an authentic business number. When ready, click Search Numbers to perform your search.

A list of available numbers will appear in the table below.


The Phone Number column shows the exact phone number as well as the city that will appear when a person receives a message from that number.

Type shows whether or not this phone number is Local or Toll-Free as selected above.

Capabilities will list out the different services that you can use with this number. These capabilities include Voice, SMS, and/or MMS.

The Monthly Fee will show the cost you can expect to pay to maintain this number each month.

Finally, you can begin the process of purchasing a number by clicking Add to Cart under the Purchase column.

Purchasing a Phone Number

To purchase a phone number:

  1. Click Add to Cart to the right of the phone number you wish to purchase.

  2. Your cart icon will update in the top-right of your dashboard. Click on the cart. Then, click Check Out.

  3. The following page will allow you to review your order before continuing. If you need to delete an item from your cart, hover over the product and click the red X that appears. Note - Quantity will say “1 per customer” as each phone number is a unique product. You can purchase multiple phone numbers in the same order, but they will be listed as unique items in your cart.


    Click Continue.

  4. Select an existing payment method you have on file or choose to add a new card. After entering your billing information click Place Your Order.


After the dashboard has had a chance to process your order, your new phone number will appear back on the original page we visited for account phone numbers. Note that it may take time for the order to process and for your phone number to become usable.

Once your phone number goes live, you will now be able to select it when using other applications throughout the dashboard. Depending on the capabilities provided, you will be able to send any communications to your customers from this account phone number.

Canceling a Phone Number Subscription

If you wish to cancel your monthly phone number payment for any reason, you can do so at any time.

To cancel your phone number:

  1. Go to your account settings from your profile picture in the top-right corner.

  2. Go to Subscriptions below Billing Preferences.

  3. Go to the section titled Other Subscriptions and select the business associated with the number. Make sure the other dropdown is set to Active to find your active phone number subscription.

  4. Find your phone number plan within the list and click on the icon just to the left of the Active indicator. This will cause a menu to appear. Click Deactivate.

  5. A second menu will appear confirming that you wish to deactivate this subscription. Click Deactivate once more.


You’re all set! Be aware that you can cancel at any time for no charge and can reactivate a subscription at any time using this same procedure.

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