The following document will assist users in updating their profile info within their account settings. This is where you can manage your display name, contact information, login information, and general preferences for your platform experience.

Accessing Your Profile Settings

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Then, click on Settings.

  2. From the column on the left, click on My Profile underneath My Account.

Basic Info

This section allows you to edit your name, phone, gender, and birthday. You can change any of this information by clicking on the Edit button on the far right. This will open a text editor for the field where you can delete and enter the new information.

You can also select the country of origin for your phone number by using the dropdown to the left of the text field.

For gender, you may select male, female, or other if you are a non-identifying or non-binary individual.

Birthday allows you to select your birth date by clicking on the calendar widget within the field.

When you are satisfied with your changes, be sure to click Save at the end of each row.

Finally, you can edit your profile picture by hovering over the picture next to your name. A camera icon will appear. Click on this.

You can then upload a new image file and crop it as necessary. This will serve as your picture throughout the entire platform. Click Save when finished.

Login Info

The next section is where you can edit the information you use to log in to your account. Be aware that your username is the same as your login email.

You can change your username and login email at any time by clicking Edit on the far right. You can also change your password at any time using the same method.

When you are satisfied with your email and password changes, be sure to click Save before exiting the settings.

My Preferences

Finally, the Preferences section affects some basic aspects of your platform experience.

First, you can edit what application you would like to appear by default whenever you first log in to your account. We automatically set every account to the Dashboard as this can provide a general overview of every application in one place. However, you can change this to any application by clicking Edit on the right.

The Date Format is set to the U.S. format by default (MM/DD/YYYY). You can edit the format by selecting your country from the dropdown menu that appears after you click Edit.

Language is set to English by default, but every language is available to select from the dropdown menu that appears after clicking Edit.

Finally, you can select your preferred Time Zone. A preview of the time will appear above as you select a new time zone from the dropdown.

When you are satisfied with your changes to your preferences, be sure to click Save at the end of each row.

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