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Utilizing Both Sites and InstaSites
Utilizing Both Sites and InstaSites
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Note: Access to the InstaSites app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Sites Application

1. Define Sites Application:

The 'Sites' application enables you to preview your personalized website, monitor website analytics, and apply changes to your business website using a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

2. Sites Application Access:

This application is accessible to both main and sub-account users. However, the website procurement process varies depending on your account type.

Sites for Partner Account Users

1. Selection of Website Templates:

As a main account owner, you can choose from a range of agency templates for your website. Upon accessing the 'Sites' application, you'll find these website options listed. You can select and preview each template before finalizing your choice.

2. Purchasing Your New Website:

Once you've selected a template, you can buy your new website via the application and our storefront at the following rates:

  • One-Time Activation Fee: $97

  • Monthly Fee (Web Hosting, SSL Certificate, and 24/7 Drag-and-drop Editor Access): $25

Additionally, you have the option to upgrade your website to an eCommerce plan with the following monthly fees:

  • Starting Tier (100 Product Listings): $35

  • Advanced Tier (2500 Product Listings): $60

  • Unlimited Tier (Unlimited Product Listings): $95

This monthly fee also includes the cost of web hosting, SSL Certificate, and access to the drag-and-drop editor.

Note: These prices are the same when activating InstaSites for your clients, however, you have the ability to upsell to your clients and retain the difference.

3. Post-Purchase:

After successful purchase and activation of your new site, the 'Sites' application updates to display a preview of your new website, where you can monitor website status, check analytics, and edit your website as required.

Sites for Sub-Account Users

Limited Access:

While sub-account users can access the 'Sites' application, they won't see the agency templates. Instead, they will receive a notification directing them to contact your team to purchase a new website.

InstaSites Application

1. Define InstaSites Application:

The 'InstaSites' application is a prospecting tool enabling you to swiftly create new websites for your clients. The application provides hundreds of templates across 200+ industries. Here, you can select a template, pick a business contact record, and generate a brand-new website with just a click. You can then share the website link with your potential client or sub-account for preview and purchase.

2. InstaSites Access:

InstaSites is exclusively available to main account holders. Sub-accounts do not have access to or visibility of the InstaSites application within their dashboard.

Connecting Sites and InstaSites Applications

1. Relationship Between the Applications:

The same tools employed for building your main account agency website in 'Sites' are used to create new websites within the 'InstaSites' application. This connection is essential when activating a new website for your sub-accounts.

2. Sub-Account Website Activation:

To activate a new website for a sub-account within their 'Sites' app, you need to first create a new website within your 'InstaSites' app. Then, you share the preview with the client, make required revisions, and negotiate the website purchase. After your client agrees to purchase, you buy the 'InstaSites' build for that client using a similar checkout process to your own website purchase.

Note: Once you purchase the new 'InstaSites' build for your client, it will automatically appear in the sub-account's 'Sites' application. From this this point on, the sub-account's Sites app will appear the same as yours - featuring a website editor and 24/7 analytics tracking.

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