The DashClicks platform contains two applications that assist with offering brand-new, custom-made websites for both you and your clients. These websites automatically update with all of the information found within your business profile to present a unique, personalized user experience.

This article will help you understand the purpose of both applications as well as how these tools interact with one another to assist with your website development needs.

What is the Sites App?

The Sites app is a tool that allows you to preview your custom website, monitor website analytics, and utilize a drag-and-drop editor to adjust your business website at any time.

Who Has Access to the Sites App?

The Sites app is available to both main account and sub-account users.

However, the process of purchasing a website to use in the Sites app differs depending on your account type:

Main Accounts:

Main account owners (like you) will be able to select from a variety of agency templates to use for your website. When you first navigate to the Sites app, you will find a list of these websites at the bottom of the page. There, you can select and preview each of these templates before making your selection.

Then, you will be able to purchase your new website through the app and our storefront for the following:

  • $97 One-Time Activation Fee

  • $25/Month for Web Hosting, SSL Certificate, and 24/7 Drag-and-drop Editor Access

You can also upgrade your website to an eCommerce plan at the following rates:

  • Starting Tier (100 Product Listings) - $35/Month

  • Advanced Tier (2500 Product Listings) - $60/Month

  • Unlimited Tier (Unlimited Product Listings) - $100/Month

This monthly fee also covers the cost of monthly web hosting, the SSL Certificate, and the drag-and-drop editor.

After you successfully purchase and activate your new site, the Sites app will update to display a preview of your new website. There, you can monitor your website status, check on analytics, and make edits to your website at any time.


A sub-account can access the Sites app. However, they will not see the selection of agency templates at the bottom of the page. Instead, they will see a notification prompting them to reach out to your team regarding the purchase of a brand-new website.

However, the process of purchasing and activating this site is much different and requires the use of our second app - InstaSites.

What is the InstaSites App?

The InstaSites app is one of DashClick's premier prospecting tools, which allows you to instantly generate brand-new websites for your clients. We currently have hundreds of templates available that span over 200 industries.

Within the app, you can select templates, select a business contact record you have on file, and instantly generate a brand-new website with the click of a button. You can then share a link to the website automatically or manually with your potential client or sub-account for preview and purchase.

Who Has Access to the InstaSites App?

InstaSites is a main account-exclusive application. Sub-accounts will never be able to access or see anything related to the InstaSites app within their dashboard.

How are the Sites and InstaSites Apps Related?

The tools we utilize to build your main account agency website in Sites are the same tools we use to build new websites within the InstaSites app.

The importance of this relationship primarily applies to the activation of a new website for your sub-accounts as alluded to above.

To activate a new website for a sub-account within their Sites app, you must first build them a new website within your InstaSites app. Then, you will submit the preview to the client, make revisions as necessary, and make a deal for the website purchase.

After your client agrees to purchase the website, you can then purchase the InstaSite build for that client using a similar checkout process that you used for your own website.

Once you purchase the new InstaSite build for your client, it will automatically appear in the sub-account's Sites app. From this point on, the sub-account's Sites app will appear the same as yours - featuring a website editor and 24/7 analytics tracking.

Important Note - The same monthly fee will apply to the sub-account website for hosting, SSL Certificate, and the drag-and-drop editor. Be sure to discuss this with your client before purchasing.

This covers the basics of what you need to know in regard to how the Sites and InstaSites applications are related. Below, you can find a list of related articles to assist you with setting up websites for both your main account and your sub-accounts.



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