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Integrating Facebook Reviews
Integrating Facebook Reviews
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Note: Access to the Reputation app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Integrating Facebook Reviews in the Reputation App

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘Reputation’.

2. Initiate Integration:

Once you're in the 'Reputation' application, click the '+' icon at the top right of the 'Reputation' app. Alternatively, this icon can be found next to the 'Source' filter.

3. Select Source:

From the list of available sources, select 'Facebook', then press 'Continue' at the top right of the page.

4. Log In to Facebook:

A login modal will appear in a new tab. Ensure your ad blocker is disabled or it may not display correctly. Log in to the account that controls the Facebook business page and grant the necessary permissions to proceed.

5. Select Business Location:

You will then see 'Select Location'. This feature allows you to choose the business or business location you want to integrate. This is particularly useful if your account manages multiple business pages. After making your selection, click 'Continue'.

Note: Integrating a review source successfully may require a few minutes for your reviews to start populating. After the initial setup, our system will automatically check every 5 minutes for new reviews and responses as long as you have this source connected.

6. Confirm Successful Integration:

Upon successful integration, your reviews will begin populating. Keep in mind this process may take several minutes. Once your reviews start appearing, the system will continue checking for new reviews and replies every 5 minutes as long as the source remains connected.

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