The DashClicks support team recently received messages explaining that the dashboard was not working as intended.

In most cases, we've found the AdBlocker plugin to be the primary culprit. When it is active in your browser, it will prevent your account software from sending you notifications and updates as intended.

For this reason, you will now see the following notification when logging into DashClicks with AdBlocker enabled:

We know that Adblocker is important to you. If you wish to proceed using your account this way, click on Continue with AdBlocker On.

If you wish to disable AdBlocker for the DashClicks domain, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your AdBlocker plugin to the right of the URL bar in your browser. If you have multiple plugins, you may need to go into your plugin settings to locate this.

  2. Your plugin should look like this:

    To disable AdBlocker on the platform, click the toggle.

  3. Your dashboard should now work correctly without interference.

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