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What Are the InstaSites Types?
What Are the InstaSites Types?
Updated over a week ago

DashClicks now offers three types of InstaSites to build and purchase within the InstaSites app.

In the column on the left, you'll now see that you can filter between three Types of websites in addition to the traditional Categories. These three types are as follows:


Business templates refer to the standard, informational websites DashClicks has used and continues to use within this prospecting tool.

These sites contain multiple pages to help spread awareness about a company in a particular niche. This includes a home page, about page, service pages, and any additional pages that might be relevant to that industry.


E-commerce templates contain the same features as a business site. However, you can also utilize a built-in store template to help you quickly list, price, and begin selling your products online.

Be aware that E-commerce sites require an additional monthly fee to support your store listings. You can learn more about InstaSites pricing here.

Landing Page

Landing pages are single-page InstaSites designed to focus on one specific offer within a given niche. You'll notice that any site with the landing page tag mentions not only the industry but the related offer within that template.

Landing pages also come with an additional follow-up thank you page to help your users confirm when their submission is successful.

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