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Using the Order Tracker in Fulfillment Center
Using the Order Tracker in Fulfillment Center
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What is the Order Tracker?

The Order Tracker allows you to track orders within the Fulfillment Center in your dashboard! On the page, you can check your order dates, statuses, and more. You can even choose filters in the left rail to help you navigate your orders.

Accessing the My Orders Page

To access the Order Tracker page, go through the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. In the top right corner, click on the App drawer icon. You can find this between the notification bell and your main account menu.

  3. Click on the Fulfillment Center button at the bottom.

  4. Then select the "My Orders" tab

Navigating the Order Tracker


In the left rail, you'll find different filter options that allow you to filter through your entire order history.

Order Information

The main section of the Order tracking provides you with the general order information; including order date, order for, product, order status, and active (checkmarks in cells indicating if the order is active or not).

Order Timeline

This section provides you with valuable information that informs you how far along your order is in the process. You'll be able to see your order every step of the way from the onboarding phase to the maintenance phase. You can also deactivate, upgrade, or downgrade the subscription from here if you choose to do so.

Search Order

At the top right of the page, you have the option to enter a search term to search order. This is extremely useful when you have a large amount of orders in the system and you want to look for something specific.

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