To upgrade or downgrade your platform subscription:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Then, click on Settings.

  2. On the left side of the screen, look for Billing Preferences. Then, click on Subscriptions.

  3. At the top of this screen, you will see all of our available platform subscriptions. Underneath your current plan tier, you will see a button that reads "Current Plan."

    All other plans will have buttons that read "Upgrade" or "Downgrade" in respect to your current subscription tier.

  4. To upgrade OR downgrade a plan, simply click on the button underneath that plan.

  5. This will bring up the checkout menu with your newly selected subscription plan. Verify that this information is correct on the left. Then, select a payment method on file or add a new one on the right.

    Important Note - If you are upgrading or downgrading before your current monthly plan ends, you will still receive credit for that time. Check the section on the left as pictured below:

  6. Complete the checkout process to finish upgrading or downgrading your platform subscription.

Upgrade/Downgrade Other Subscriptions

To upgrade or downgrade fulfillment service or add-on subscriptions:

  1. Navigate to your Settings. Click on Subscriptions underneath Billing Preferences.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of this page until you find Other Subscriptions.

  3. Utilize the dropdown filters to locate the subscription you wish to upgrade/downgrade.

    The first dropdown allows you to select your company or a sub-account's company.

    The second dropdown allows you to select between All, Active, or Incomplete subscriptions.

    The final dropdown allows you to filter the subscription list alphabetically by name or by the date ordered.

    All relevant subscriptions will now appear in the field below.

  4. Locate the correct subscription then look to the far right side of the screen. Click on the button next to the subscription status. Then, click on Upgrade or Downgrade as necessary.

  5. A checkout menu will appear detailing your new plan information. Verify that this information is correct, then select a payment method. This menu will also display when your current plan is expected to expire and when the new plan will take effect.

  6. Complete the checkout process to finalize your subscription upgrade or downgrade.

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