The following document will assist users in managing their platform and service subscriptions as well as their preferred payment methods.

Accessing Your Subscription Settings

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner. Then, click on Settings.

  2. From the column on the left, click on Subscriptions underneath Billing Preferences.

Managing Your Platform Subscription

Selecting this tab will bring up a menu that displays your current platform subscription. The top section details the basic features of each plan as well as the ability to upgrade or downgrade your existing plan.


The section below this will display your current plan tier and the monthly cost. It also shows your renewal date next to your plan.


Upgrading/Downgrading Your Plan

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade, you can click on Upgrade or Downgrade.

This causes a pop-up menu to appear that provides a great snapshot comparison of each plan side-by-side. You’ll be able to see the cost per month as well as how each plan impacts each individual application.

You can also switch the toggle to Yearly to see the cost per plan per year (you will save 10% on whichever plan you choose by paying for the entire year at once). Clicking Upgrade or Downgrade on a plan will add it to your cart for checkout.

Note - Purchasing a new subscription tier now will update your monthly subscription payment to take place on the new date of purchase.

Adding/Updating Payment Information

The last section contains the payment methods you have on file. You can have multiple payment methods on file, but one must be selected as the default for subscription renewals and store purchases.


If you wish to change your preferred payment method, click on the dropdown and select a new card from the menu.

If you wish to add a payment method, click on the + icon to the right.


Fill out the information for your payment method in the menu that appears. Be sure to review the Terms and Conditions before checking the box at the bottom. Then, click Add Card.

You will then be able to select this card from the dropdown. If it is your only card on file, it will appear there as your default payment method.

Other Subscriptions

The section at the bottom details your various service and add-on subscriptions for both your main account and all of your sub-accounts.

Using the leftmost dropdown will allow you to browse all subscriptions for both your main account and all of your sub-accounts.

You can further filter what subscriptions you want to appear by using the dropdown on the right.

This contains the following filter options:

  • Active

  • Incomplete

  • Incomplete / Expired

You can use these filters with or without selecting a business contact to update the list.

Alternatively, you can search for a subscription by searching for the plan by using the search bar on the right. This will yield a list of all subscriptions that match your criteria.


Each row will detail the subscription, the next renewal date, and the monthly fee associated. The icon on the far right will indicate whether the subscription is currently active or expired.

How to View Invoices

If you wish to view past invoices for any given subscription, click on the icon just to the left of the status indicator on the far right.


Click on View Invoices. This will cause a table to appear automatically just below the subscription.


You can download a direct copy of this invoice by clicking on Download Invoice within the far right column.

Upgrading/Downgrading Subscriptions

You can utilize the instructions above to upgrade or downgrade any subscription from the same location. Find the subscription you wish to edit and click on Upgrade/Downgrade. This causes a pop-up menu to appear that details each subscription tier available for that service.


Your current plan will read as Active Plan below the tier name. You can click Add to Cart on a lower tier to downgrade or on a higher tier to upgrade. After adding to your cart, follow the checkout procedure to update your subscription.

Note - Purchasing a new subscription tier now will update your monthly subscription payment to take place on the new date of purchase.

Deactivate a Subscription

You can use the steps in this section once more to access the same menu for your subscription. This time, click on Deactivate. You will receive one more follow-up notification asking you to confirm the deactivation. Click Deactivate once more.

There are never any additional fees or penalties for canceling at any time. If you ever wish to reactivate this subscription, you can navigate back to this menu and click Activate to begin the same subscription for the same client with the same information.'

Note that when a subscription is canceled, the text beneath the subscription will change. Instead of reading with the usual "Next Renewal Date," it should update to show the exact date that the current subscription will expire.

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