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How to Use OneBalance
How to Use OneBalance
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OneBalance is a powerful tool that allows you to manage all your charge usage across your entire account for SMSs, emails, InstaSites, and InstaReports. With its purchasing, budgeting, and auto refill features, you can keep track of your account balance and ensure that your automations run smoothly. OneBalance offers several widgets that provide valuable information about your account.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at how OneBalance works and the different widgets associated with it.

To access OneBalance, select the circular icon in the top right section of the dashboard, press on Settings, and in the left rail under Billing Preferences, select OneBalance.

Your OneBalance will look like this:

Current Balance Widget

The "Current Balance" widget is located at the top of the OneBalance dashboard. It shows your current account balance and gives you the option to add funds to your balance or set up auto refill when your balance hits a particular threshold. This feature helps you ensure that you always have enough funds to cover your usage and your clients' usage without interruption.

Note: If your balance gets below $5 and is not refilled automatically, any automations you have set up which are using a designated item will stop and you'll only be able to use SMS, email, InstaSites, and InstaReports credits manually.

To add funds to your balance, press on the Add Balance button and select the amount you want to add from the dropdown and press the "Purchase" button.

To set up auto refill, enter the balance under "When my balance is" from the dropdown, this is the number that you designate as your threshold for auto refill. Then, under "Refill my account", enter the amount you want automatically added to your account after the threshold is reached.

Note: If you set "When my balance is" to $10 and "Refill my account" to $20 as an example, when the Current Balance hits $10 or below, $20 will be added to the total. So if the balance reads $9, it'll automatically charge your card on file $20 and your new balance would then be $29.

Cost Per Item Widget

To the right of the "Current Balance" widget is the "Cost Per Item" widget. This widget shows the cost for each SMS, email, InstaSite, and InstaReport. It helps you keep track of your spending and make informed decisions about your purchases.

Spending History Widgets

Below the "Current Balance" and "Cost Per Item" widgets are three widgets that show your spending history. The widget to the left shows the amount spent so far in the current month. To the right of that is the "Last Month" widget, which shows your spending in the previous month. To the right of that is the "Previous Month" widget, which shows your spending in the month before the "Last Month."

These widgets provide valuable information about your spending history and help you make informed decisions about your budget and purchasing decisions.


The bottom of the page contains logs which show all usage within OneBalance. It'll show funds that have been added to the balance, usage that has caused balance depletion, and any other activity in OneBalance.

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