How to Use OneBalance
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Note: Access to the OneBalance feature is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Accessing OneBalance

1. Access Dashboard Settings:

Hover over the navigation bar on the left side of the dashboard. At the very bottom, you'll find a section displaying your name, email, and photo. Click on this section. A menu will pop up; select 'Settings'.

2. Navigate to OneBalance:

On the left side of the page under 'Billing Preferences', select 'OneBalance'.

OneBalance Overview

OneBalance is a dynamic tool that assists in managing your usage charges for various services including SMSs, emails, InstaSites, and InstaReports. It provides features for purchase tracking, budgeting, and automatic balance refill, ensuring your account balance is always maintained for smooth running of your automation processes.

OneBalance Interface and Widgets

Upon accessing OneBalance, several widgets will be visible that are designed to provide useful information about your account.

1. Current Balance Widget:

At the top of the OneBalance dashboard, you will find the 'Current Balance' widget. This widget displays your existing account balance and provides options for adding funds or setting up an auto refill threshold. These options ensure uninterrupted service for you and your clients.

Note: If your balance falls below $5 and isn't automatically refilled, any automated systems using a specific item will stop, and only manual usage of SMS, email, InstaSites, and InstaReports credits will be available.

2. Adding Funds to Your Balance:

To increase your balance, click on the 'Add Balance' button. Choose the amount you wish to add from the dropdown list and click on the 'Purchase' button.

Note: Free credits will be available on your account with first time usage. Below are the free credit amounts on your account:

  • Email: 50

  • SMS: 10

  • InstaSites: 5

  • InstaReports: 3

These are one-time free credits. Once the free credits are depleted, they will not refill. Free credits are not available for your sub-accounts.

3. Setting Up Auto Refill:

To configure auto refill, specify the balance threshold under 'When my balance is' from the dropdown. Then under 'Refill my account', indicate the amount you want to be automatically added to your account when your balance reaches the threshold.

Note: For instance, if you set 'When my balance is' to $10 and 'Refill my account' to $20, your account will automatically be charged $20 when the Current Balance drops to $10 or below, hence, raising your new balance to $29 if the balance was $9.

4. Cost Per Item Widget:

Located next to the 'Current Balance' widget, the 'Cost Per Item' widget displays the individual costs for each SMS, email, InstaSite, and InstaReport. This widget allows you to make informed purchase decisions.

The cost per item can be viewed in the table below:









Note: The pricing for SMS messages are based on USA/Canada pricing. International pricing will be billed at different rates based on the country. SMS rates will be billed in segments of 160 characters per message/credit. This means that if messages exceed 160 characters, you can be billed for two or more credits. If you are injecting personal data in your automations, please keep in mind that the length of that injected data can impact the credits used.

5. Spending History Widgets:

Below the 'Current Balance' and 'Cost Per Item' widgets, you'll find three widgets displaying your spending history. These include the amount spent in the current month, the previous month, and the month prior to the last month. These widgets offer valuable insights into your expenditure trends, enabling you to make data-driven budgeting and purchase decisions.

6. Usage Logs:

At the bottom of the OneBalance page, you'll find logs documenting all OneBalance activity. These logs record added funds, usage that led to balance depletion, and any other OneBalance related activity. This can be a useful tool for keeping track of all your OneBalance interactions.

Note: SMS usage is based on incoming and outgoing SMSs while emails are ONLY based on outgoing, incoming emails do not deplete from your usage

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