Just as you associate personal contacts with business contacts in your CRM, the Contacts application allows you to associate any active deals with your contacts.

This guide will show you how to associate deals with contacts from within a contact record.

Accessing the Contact Record

The steps for accessing a contact record are the same for an individual person and a business. For this example, we are using a contact under the People tab.

Hover over the contact you wish to associate with a business. Click on the blue eye icon that appears to open the Contact Preview. From here, you can use the link at the bottom to access the record by clicking View Record.

Associating a Deal

When you view the contact record, you will notice that there are several categories that house information in the left column. The order of these categories will vary depending upon your contact record customization.

What we are looking for is Deals. Click on this to expand it.


In this example, we currently do not have any deals associated with this contact. However, we can add a deal by clicking on the + icon. A menu will slide in from the right titled Add Deal.

You can now enter the necessary information to create your deal within the Contacts application. Be aware that you must have an existing Pipeline to select from the dropdown for this to work.

If you have yet to create any pipelines, you will need to do so within the Deals application. You can learn how to do this here.

Otherwise, you can continue your work here. The Stage will contain the stage names you created for this specific pipeline. Select the appropriate one before moving on to create a new deal name below.

The final required category is the Status of this deal. Open indicates that you need to follow up with this client. Won or Lost simply indicates whether or not the client made the purchase or walked away from the deal.

There are three additional values below that are not required. You can enter in an expected value for this deal, the currency to be used in the transaction, and the expected close date. You can click on the calendar icon to quickly select the appropriate date.

When you are finished, click Add at the bottom of the screen. Your deal will now appear under the Deals category in the contact record. You will also see these associations on the main contacts screen within the table.

Important Note - Now that you know how to associate deals with a contact, be aware that this same process works for business contacts. This allows you to keep your deals and contacts organized in a way that makes sense for you and your team.

Create a New Deal within the Contact Card

If you do not have any deals on file, you can now do so from the contact card. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From within the Deals section, click on the + icon.

  2. This will open up the Add Deal menu on your screen. Follow this menu and complete all of the required fields. Be aware that you must have an existing sales pipeline to create a new deal. The required fields are Pipeline, Stage, Deal Name, and Status. The additional fields are optional and can be edited at a later time if desired.

  3. After completing the required fields, click Save in the bottom-right corner. Your new deal will now appear in the list of associated deals.

If you do not have an existing sales pipeline or wish to learn more about the various fields, please click here.

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