The InstaReports application allows our users to create reports for their clients or prospects within eight (8) different categories. This document will explain how to complete an InstaReport build. If you wish to learn more about what's included in a report, click here.

Building Your Report

To build an InstaReport:

  1. Hover over your chosen InstaReport template. Click Build.

  2. Choose to use your existing contact records within Contacts or upload an existing contact list using a CSV file from your existing CRM.


    If you select to use a CSV file, you must ensure that your file is formatted correctly. You can download a sample template for your CSV file within the attachments at the bottom of this article. Any field in bold is required. If you fail to provide the values for the required fields, our system will not build your report.

    The fields moving from left to right include:

    Business name
    Business phone

    Business email
    Facebook URL
    Business street
    Business suite
    Business city
    Business state
    Business zip
    Business country
    Person name (See note below)
    Person email (See note below)
    Person phone (See note below)

    - If you wish to notify an individual of their new InstaReport build during this process, you should also include the Person name, Person email, and Person phone fields. While the business fields will create a business contact, this will allow you to instantly create a person contact that will be associated with that business for future notifications.

    Additional Note - The template file signifies required fields with an asterisk. Do not include these asterisks when uploading your values. This is simply used to help you differentiate which values are required and which are optional.

    For the industry value, you can currently classify your business contacts within one of the following industry types:

    Active Life
    Arts & Entertainment
    Beauty & Spas
    Digital Marketing
    Event Planning & Services
    Financial Services
    Health & Medical
    Home Services
    Hotels & Travel
    Industrial Goods & Manufacturing
    Local Services
    Mass Media
    Mining & Agriculture
    Professional Services
    Public Services & Government
    Real Estate
    Religious Organizations
    Software Development

    If you would prefer to have a raw list of these industries in a sheet, download the attachment at the bottom of this article. You must use these industry values exactly as described. There cannot be any misspellings or alterations.

    Once you select your option and/or upload your CSV file, click Continue.

  3. A table will appear containing your list of business contacts. Check the box available to the left of the business name for the client you wish to generate a report for.


    You can also add a new business contact from here by clicking on +New Business. If you’re having trouble locating a client, use the search bar at the top of the table.

    If necessary, you can also edit existing business contacts by hovering over a business and clicking on the edit icon that appears next to the business name.

    After you’ve selected your contacts, click Continue.

  4. Next, you will need to choose whether you wish to send a notification to the contact when the InstaReport is complete. You can choose Email Only, SMS Only, Email + SMS, or None.


    For instructional purposes, we are going to select Email + SMS. Note that sending a notification is not necessary to build your report.

    Click Continue.

  5. A list of your selected businesses should appear in a new table. Now, you will need to select contacts from each business to send a notification to.

    The far left column will show the number of selected contacts versus available contacts for that business. This should read “0/X” by default, X being the number of people contacts that are associated with this business.

    To select a people contact for that business, click on the arrow icon on the left to reveal the people contacts. Select the checkbox next to one or more contacts to send a notification. You must have a people contact associated with the business to send your notification.


    If you do not have a people contact associated with the business, you can create one here by hovering over the business name and clicking the icon that appears on the right. You must enter a name, phone number, and email address for the contact. Then, click Submit. You can now select the contact for your notifications.

    After you select your contacts, click Continue.

  6. You will now see a menu that looks identical to the email form we use in our Templates application. First, you will create your email notification.


    The From field is the user whose name will display when the recipient receives the notification. You can select it from the dropdown menu.

    The Subject field is the topic of your email. You may call this “New Lead from X Campaign,” for example.

    The open text field is where you will enter the body of your message. There is no limit on the number of characters you can use for your email notifications.

    Attachments have a cumulative maximum file size of 20MB. There is no limit on the number of files you can attach as long as they remain below the size limit.

    Personalize gives you the ability to automatically inject information you have on file associated with the lead or the team member you are contacting. You can learn more about how to utilize personalization options using our help article found here.

    Important Note - The Personalize function is important when using the InstaSite application as you can immediately share the link to the new website within your message. Click on the button and scroll down until you find the InstaSites section. Then, click on Preview as shown in the image below:

    Finally, you can utilize the Use Template option to quickly set up a notification message rather than creating one from scratch. Our Templates app allows you to create any number of SMS or email templates to optimize your workflow in situations like these. You can learn more about how to create templates using our help article found here.

    Once your email notification is complete, you can test the message by entering an email in the bottom field and selecting Send Test. If you are ready, click Continue at the top of the page.

  7. The process of setting up an SMS notification is nearly identical to the process explained above. SMS notifications do not include a Subject field and do not support attachments. Otherwise, you may personalize or use a pre-made SMS template as you can with emails.


    Warning - SMS notifications receive charges differently than emails. Our platform utilizes a credit system at the cost of 1 Credit for every 160 characters in your SMS notification. You will also expend 1 Credit whenever you test your SMS notification. Click here to learn more about our Credit system for templates and notifications.

    After you complete these steps, click Continue at the top of the page.

  8. The final screen will show a summary report of the InstaReports you chose to build, the contacts you are notifying, and how many credits will be used to build the report and send the notifications.


    If everything on this summary screen appears correct, click Continue to finalize your InstaReports build.

Congratulations! Your InstaReports are now in the build queue. Navigate back to the My InstaReports tab to find your websites in the table.

Under the Status column, you can determine how far your InstaReports are from completion. Here’s a quick summary of the various Status conditions and what they mean.

  • Built - The InstaReport is built and available for viewing.

  • Queued - The InstaReport is in the queue and is pending a response from the server.

  • Retrying - An error caused the build to fail, but the system is reattempting the build.

  • Failed - The build failed on both the initial attempt and the follow-up attempt. Make sure your info is correct and attempt the build again.

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