This document will walk you through the process of selecting and activating a website for your main account.

What’s Included with My Website?

Your main account website will include the following with purchase and activation:

  • Unique pages complete with content, images, and personalized business information

  • Domain hosting powered by Amazon Web Services

  • SSL Certificate

  • 24/7 access to the drag-and-drop website editor

Selecting Your Main Account Website

To select your main account website, navigate to the Sites app by using the app drawer in the top right corner of the browser:


When you arrive at the main tab, you should see a general preview of various website options in desktop, tablet, and mobile form.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a menu that allows you to browse the available website templates for partnered accounts. For now, these templates will appear with placeholder information.


Important Note - This will only appear if you've already set up your personal and business information in your account settings. If you have yet to do this, the Sites app will now request this information. We cannot build your personalized website without it.

Click on any website image to immediately switch to that preview. To navigate the site’s various pages and to get a more in-depth preview, click the Preview button located in the top-right corner of the page:


This will launch a new tab that allows you to see the website in its entirety. You can utilize the mini-previews to fully browse the website. Alternatively, use the icons located at the top-center of the page to preview the desktop, tablet, and mobile versions.

After you preview each website, select one that you wish to use. You can find the pricing for your website as well as the full list of features next in this article.

WARNING - After you select your main account website template, you will need to go through a separate process if you ever wish to change it. If you need to learn more about this process, you can do so here.

Pricing for Main Account Websites

The pricing for main account website activation is as follows:

  • $97 One-Time Fee

  • $25 / Month for Web Hosting, SSL Certificate, and 24/7 Drag-and-drop Editor Access

eCommerce Website Pricing

The pricing for each eCommerce website built through the InstaSites application is as follows:

  • $97 - One-Time Activation Fee

We offer three pricing tiers for your eCommerce sites, which correspond to the number of products you wish to include:

Starting Tier - 100 Products

  • $35/Month - Products, Web Hosting, SSL Certificate, and Website Editor Access

Advanced Tier - 2500 Products

  • $60/Month - Products, Web Hosting, SSL Certificate, and Website Editor Access

Unlimited Tier

  • $100/Month - Unlimited Products, Web Hosting, SSL Certificate, and Website Editor Access

How to Activate Your Website

After you select your website, you will need to purchase and activate it for future use.

Minimize or exit the preview tab and navigate back to the browser page with the Sites application open. In the top right corner next to the Preview button, you will see a button that says Purchase. Click this button.


This will then walk you through the process of purchasing your website. Click Add to Cart to start the checkout process. You will have an opportunity to review everything included in the purchase before entering your payment information.

Next, click on the cart icon at the top of the page. Then, click Check Out.


Review your information and follow the steps shown on the page. After entering the required billing information, click to confirm your purchase. You should see a confirmation message determining that the purchase of your main account website was successful.

The Next Steps

After activating your website, you can return to the Sites application. It should take approximately 30-60 seconds for your new site to activate. Then, your application view should look something like this:


The ability to preview your new main account website remains, but the option to select templates is no longer present. The application replaces this with an overall summary of key status indicators and visitor analytics.

By default, you should see that your website is Published, has an Active SSL Certificate, and comes with a unique ID. The only prompt without a green checkmark should be your active domain. You will need to set up the DNS records with your registrar to point your custom domain to your new website.

NOTE - Your website should automatically receive an SSL Certificate upon publishing and connecting your website to a custom domain. If it does not immediately activate, please allow a few minutes for this to resolve.

To learn how you can assign a custom domain for your site, click on your domain host from the list of available help articles below:

To learn more about your website status and analytics, click here.

To learn how you can make edits to your website, click here.

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