Your site's domain is like its street address; it lets other people find it. Setting up your site domain is very important as it allows people to visit your sites. While our site builder does not host your domains, you can purchase a domain and connect it to your published site by creating a CNAME and two A records in your DNS settings.

Go Live

Taking your site live requires publishing your site, setting up your domain, and setting up your domain through your domain host.

Publish a Site

For your site to show up on any domain, you first need to publish it. To publish your site:

  • In your editor, on the top right, click Publish. If your site was previously published, click Republish.

Set up a Domain

After a site is published, you may use a domain that you already own from the domain host you purchased it from. Ensure you add "www." to the URL.

Note - To change your domain at any time after publishing your site, in the left panel, click Settings, Site URL, and then click Change site URL.

Set up your Domain in your Domain Host

After setting up your domain in Website Builder, you must set up your DNS settings through your domain host. In order to do this, you will need admin access to the domain which you intend to use. In your domain host, you need to create two A records and a CNAME record.

Note - Some domain hosts will not allow you to set up multiple records for the @ domain. If this is the case for your domain host, then simply add one record for the @ domain and include both IP addresses.

Use the following information for the CNAME record and A records:


  • Host: www

  • Points to:

A Records

  • First A Record:

    • Host/Alias: @

    • Target/Destination:

  • Second A Record:

    • Host/Alias: @

    • Target/Destination:

Two A Records are used for server balance and redundancy.


The following is an example from Google Domains, in which they use one A record with two IP addresses:

The following is an example from GoDaddy, in which they use two A records (one for each IP):

Note - Most domain hosts have instructions on creating CNAME records and A records in their help center. If you cannot find this information, you must contact your domain host.

Alternatively, you can use our help center here to find specific instructions for your domain host of choice:

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