Templates Settings
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Note: Access to the Templates settings is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Accessing Your Templates Settings

1. Access Dashboard Settings:

Hover over the navigation bar on the left side of the dashboard. At the very bottom, you'll find a section displaying your name, email, and photo. Click on this section. A menu will pop up; select 'Settings'.

2. Navigate to the Apps Tab:

At the top of the page, select the 'Apps' tab.

3. Select Templates:

From the column on the left, select 'Templates'.

Managing Templates Settings

The Templates settings give you the ability to personalize your Templates application by modifying its default view.

1. Modify Default View:

Locate and click on 'Edit' on the right to change your default view.

You will see a dropdown menu where you can choose between a 'Table' view or a 'Board' view.

2. Save Your Settings:

After selecting your preferred view, click 'Save' on the right to implement the changes.

Note: Remember, you can always come back and change your default view if you decide you prefer the other option.

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