This article will help you set up your custom branded email domain within your dashboard.

  1. Log into your dashboard and press the circular icon at the top right. Then, select "Settings".

  2. Within the settings menu, under Business Settings, select "Branding".

  3. Scroll down to the Custom Email Domain section and select the "Add" button within the widget.

  4. Input the domain that you want to use and then press the "Add" button.

  5. Now, you should be able to see three different CNAME records. Navigate to your domain hosting/registrar account (where you purchased the domain), select the DNS settings, and add those three records that were generated. You do not need to make any alterations to existing records, just add the new ones. Keep in mind, different domain hosting providers have different sets of instructions on how to update DNS records. Please follow the link to your specific domain hosting provider for additional instructions on how to set these DNS records. When done, return to this article to complete the process.

  6. After inputting the CNAME records, press the "Validate" button at the top right section of the widget.

  7. If the records were input correctly, you should now see an Active status within the widget.

    Note: In some cases, when inputting the Host records, the domain is not needed. If you have validation errors, try removing your domain from the records. For Example: >> em12345 >> s1._domainkey >> s2._domainkey

    Try this method if you're having issues validating.

  8. With the custom email domain validated, navigate to the My Account section in the settings menu and select "My Profile".

  9. Navigate down to the Custom Emails widget and press the "Add" button at the top right of the widget.

  10. Add whatever name you'd like before the "@" and then select the dropdown option to find the custom email domain that you had just created (if you don't see the domain you just added in the dropdown, refresh the page). Press the "Add" button when done.

  11. You will now see the custom email you just created in the section.

  12. You can now use this email as your "from" email within the dashboard.

Keep in mind, when people reply to that email directly, replies will be visible within the Conversations App, you will not receive those emails in your email inbox even if you have that same email set up elsewhere.

You can add multiple custom email from one specific domain. Also, you can create multiple custom branded email domains within the dashboard as long as you own and can validate those domains.

Congratulations, you now have custom branded email domains that you and your team can use at any time!

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