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What is DashClicks? (Explained In 6 Short Minutes)
What is DashClicks? (Explained In 6 Short Minutes)
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DashClicks is a hybrid digital marketing agency and software company. We offer marketing and business management solutions to agencies, SaaS companies, directories, website hosts, coaches, and much more.

A Platform That Unites Your Entire Team

DashClicks is also the one place for your entire team to work in complete unity.

By the entire team, we mean your marketing team, sales team, fulfillment team, and service team.

Your marketing team can utilize our tools to generate leads, manage campaigns, and boost your conversions.

Your sales team can take advantage of our CRM tools to automate tasks, close deals faster, and shorten the sales cycle.

Your fulfillment team can manage projects and deliverables at scale, giving you the advantages you need to focus on company growth.

Your service team can build loyalty and ensure customer satisfaction at a faster, more reliable rate than ever before.

An All-in-One Software Platform

Take advantage of a seamless software ecosystem that allows you to run your operation efficiently.

All of our software applications communicate and work together in real-time, allowing each branch of your team to take advantage of and utilize information across a shared platform. This includes:

  • Analytics - 24/7 campaign marketing and tracking tools

  • Contacts - Manage all of your contacts in one place with a dynamic CRM

  • Dashboard - Utilize pre-built widgets to create a personalized view of your apps in one place

  • Deals - Manage deals and pipelines with our sales CRM and automate tasks with ease

  • Forms - Quickly create any type of form for data collection utilizing our drag-and-drop form builder

  • Inbound - Track and manage all inbound leads and notify your sales reps instantly by seamlessly integrating a variety of third-party campaign tools

  • InstaReports - Instantly create in-depth performance reports to help you close deals with new prospects faster

  • InstaSites - Create custom websites in seconds by plugging your business information into hundreds of niche templates

  • Projects - Keep track of ongoing client projects through one centralized project management system

  • Sites - Instantly build a new company website using our drag-and-drop web builder - no IT knowledge required.

  • Templates - Create and manage a variety of custom templates that you can utilize throughout all of our applications.

All of our applications are 100% responsive across all apps, on any device.

White-Labeled Fulfillment

We offer even more to customers thanks to our revolutionary white-label fulfillment center.

Agencies can outsource all of their digital marketing services to DashClicks. Simply purchase a service for a client, complete the automated onboarding, and gain weekly and monthly reports through your personalized dashboard.

Take advantage of huge margins and get your time back with services starting at:

  • Facebook Ads - $199/mo

  • Google Ads - $199/mo

  • SEO - $199/mo

  • Social Posting - $49/mo

  • Content - $59/mo

  • Listings - $39/mo

All services are supported by dozens of white-label case studies that are free for you to review.

Finally, there are no contracts or commitments, and you're free to cancel your subscriptions at any time.

SaaS Reselling

Finally, take advantage of the DashClicks Affiliate program to resell the software platform to clients and company owners.

Simply fill out a form, send the invite, and grant your clients and prospects access to a completely white-labeled version of the platform.

Once users upgrade to a paid platform subscription, you can earn 40% commission on all subscriptions for the life of the plan. Simply tell users how DashClicks has improved your operational efficiency and start passively collecting additional income with ease.

Get Started with DashClicks Today

If you'd like to try out DashClicks for yourself, you can do so absolutely free when you sign up now by clicking here. Your free plan will always be free, and you can upgrade your account to a paid plan at any time.

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