Managing Your Reviews
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Note: Access to the Reputation app is exclusively available to DashClicks Pro plan subscribers.

Step-By-Step Guide to Managing Your Business Reviews in Reputation

1. Access Applications Menu:

Hover over the navigation bar to the left of the dashboard and select ‘Reputation’.

2. Understand Review Management:

The Reputation app aggregates all your online business reviews in one place. It enables you to monitor pending responses, respond to reviews, and filter reviews by rating or platform for reporting purposes.

3. View Incoming Reviews:

Once you have connected the source, the reviews will start appearing in the specified format.

Note: In compliance with Facebook's Privacy Policy, usernames or profile pictures of the reviewers won't be available. They will be displayed as 'Facebook User' with a generic icon. For other review types, the reviewer's actual name and profile picture will be displayed.

4. Understand Review Details:

Each review is accompanied by the date it was posted. The review text is displayed along with any responses from you that the system could locate.

5. Leave a Reply:

If a review is pending a response, you'll find an empty text box where you can type your reply. Click the 'Reply' button to automatically post the reply on the corresponding platform. Reviews without responses are identified by the 'Pending Response' text in red.

Note: When posting a reply within Reputation, the profile picture of the reviewer is displayed. This doesn't represent how the review appears on the respective platform. The reply, regardless of who uses the Reputation app, will appear from your business with your business profile icon.

6. Understand Review Ratings:

Reviews from Facebook use a system of 'recommended' or 'not recommended' with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down respectively. Other platforms use the standard star rating out of 5.

Note: The Reputation app identifies reviews as positive or negative with a green or red highlight on the left side of the review box.

7. Access Reviews Directly:

To access a review directly on its respective platform, click the platform's icon next to the thumbs or star icon. You can also copy the review's URL by clicking the final icon on the right.

Filtering Reviews

1. Access Review Sorting Options:

To sort your reviews, use the options available in the left column.

2. Sort by Response Status:

Under 'Status', you can filter your reviews by 'Needs Response' to quickly locate reviews requiring a reply.

3. Sort by Ratings:

Under 'Rating', you can filter reviews by star ratings or thumbs-up/thumbs-down.

4. Sort by Source:

You can sort your reviews by 'Source' using the remaining filters. This can help you organize and manage reviews based on their originating platform.

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