After connecting your review sources to Reputation, your dashboard will begin populating with all of your historical and new reviews.

From here, you can now manage all of your online business reviews from this single app. You can check out which reviews are pending a response, leave replies, and filter your reviews by rating or platform for reporting.

Working with Reviews

Once the source is connected, you should begin to see reviews that look like this:

Note - Due to Facebook's Privacy Policy, we will be unable to retrieve usernames or profile pictures for any of the reviews. All users will display as "Facebook User" along with a generic icon.

For all other review types, the user's actual name and profile picture will appear in this place.

Next to this, you will find the date that this review was left. Beneath this, you will find the actual review text along with any replies from you that we were able to find.

If you have yet to leave a reply, you will find an empty text box available for you to create one. Then, you can hit the Reply button to automatically post the review to the platform. You'll also be able to distinguish reviews without replies by looking for the red Pending Response text.

Note - When posting a reply within Reputation, it will show the profile picture of the user leaving the review. However, this is not indicative of how the review looks on the respective platform. Regardless of who is using reputation, the reply will show up as from your business with the appropriate business profile icon after you submit it.

Facebook also uses a system of "recommended" or "not recommended" with a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. All other platforms will use the standard star rating out of 5. You can also find this within the review.

Reputation also flags reviews as positive or negative with a green or red highlight running along the left side of the review box.

Finally, you can go to the review directly on the respective platform by clicking the icon next to the thumbs icon. You may also copy the URL to the review by selecting the final icon on the right.

Filtering Reviews

If you need to sort your reviews, you can do so by using the options available in the left column.

Under Status, you can sort your reviews by Needs Response. This is useful for locating reviews that require a reply.

Under Rating, you can sort by star ratings or thumbs-up/thumbs-down. Remember that all platforms utilize the former, while Facebook utilizes the latter.

Finally, you can sort your reviews by Source using the remaining filters.

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