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Using Reputation's Reporting Features
Using Reputation's Reporting Features
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The second tab available within Reputation is the Reporting tab. This page provides you with useful snapshots of your average review rating, top review sources, best and worst months, and your reviews over time.

To access this page, click on Reporting.

Next, let's go over each Reporting widget so that you can effectively utilize them with your coworkers and clients.

Review Summary

The Review Summary widget first highlights how many reviews you've received in the last 30 days.

Below this, you'll find a bar graph detailing how many reviews you've received at each star rating. Note that you can hover over a bar to find an exact count.

Finally, the number on the right is your average rating based on all available reviews. In the pictured example, you can see that this company has a 4.8 / 5-star rating based on 253 total reviews.

Note - Facebook no longer utilizes a star rating system. Therefore, we do not weigh those reviews into this calculation. Users simply mark you as a "recommended" or "not recommended" on that platform.

Top Review Sources

Top Review Sources shows a count of how many reviews you have from each source. For Facebook, you can also see the total number of thumbs-ups versus thumbs-downs, while GMB provides your star rating.

If you are lacking reviews from a particular source, you'll see a brief notification encouraging you to gain reviews from those users.

Best and Worst Months

This widget shows the current month and the last 6 months prior. The graph shows how many reviews you received during each of these months.

On the right, it will highlight your best and worst months overall. You'll be able to view how many reviews you received that month as well as your average rating.

Reviews Over Time

Finally, you can review all of your reviews over the history of all sources. Use the scroll bar to move along your timeline as necessary.

You will find the month and year at the bottom along with a bar indicating how many reviews you received that month. Additionally, your best month overall will be highlighted underneath the category name.

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